(Visibly) Secure, online directory solution?
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Please recommend easy online solutions to transition our "Student Directory" from a printed booklet to an online applications that parents can log-in to. Bonus points for parents being able to update their information (but with moderation/approval), or add notes (such as "lives with Dad on weekends") This seems like something that would exist as an out-of-box application. Additional details inside.

We're a 600 student elementary school in a very web-connected neighborhood. Our student directory was never completed this year, and at this point in the school year no one is interested in spending the money to have it printed. This is the perfect opportunity to make the transition to a digital format, which will be easier to maintain and use in the future.

It is critical that this solution not only have security functions, but that it LOOKs secure (I do understand the idea that anything that anytime you hand out a PW to 600 people the term "secure" is relative, I'm honestly not too worried about it, there's an opt out function if people really need the privacy - but I don't want to get shut down because it's perceived as insecure). A search function would be great, as would the ability to generate a "class roster" printable list.

Ideally this would be accessible from smart phones, and be able to be updated/maintained by a non-IT person. I could justify upto about $500/year although less is always better. If there is some other obvious solution to this problem that I'm missing I'm open to that as well.
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Wordpress, with Groups?
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Enterprises typically use infrastructure for this well beyond your price/maintenance goals. If you're going to cobble it together out of something that isn't an exact fit, maybe take a look at Wild Apricot. I've known people who chose it over Wordpress because it offered pretty good group and contact management features in the SaaS product.
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Wufoo can do this.
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Charms Office Assistant has a lot of what you want. I only know about it from the parent side, not the IT side though.
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