Need intraday stock data for an index
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I've been trying to find what should be simple: intraday data on a large market index (such as the S&P 500). I'm willing to pay, but most sites seem to be interested in selling me collections of N stocks (where N is 12, 50, 100...), often by year, and at that rate, I'd end up paying $100s to get 11+ useless chunks of data, and one useful one (because for my purposes, I really only want to look at a single index). What are some economical sources for what I want? And, FWIW, I already know how to extract intraday (minute-wise) data from Yahoo and Google, but that's only good for about the last 90 days or so.
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Consider getting the data on an ETF as a proxy for the index. For example, the Diamonds (ticker symbol: DIA) tracks the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

I am not sure if they provide it, but I would look at Telechart to see if they would provide the data.
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Can you go directly to the index provider? It will be pricey if you're not an academic, but possibly cheaper than an account with Bloomberg or Reuters.
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I'm not sure that index providers can resell the intraday data. You may need to buy the data from NASDAQ or NYSE.
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Response by poster: Arthur Dent, you were right, although the services Standard & Poors referred me to couldn't help, either.

I ended up going with Pi Trading, which seriously undercuts the competition. I got data back to IPO/1983 for hundreds of stocks, about 20 indices, FOREX, indicators... much more than I needed, but for $180ish, much much lower than others (some wanted to charge me $10-$20/year, with $150 min order - if I'm going to pay over $100, I might as well get more than one damned index).

Not as cheap as I'd like, but still way under the market price. I'm happy.
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