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I'm involved with a college radio station, and we'd like to get presents for or do something for the graduating folks. The problem is, none of us have any ideas. What are some awesome music or radio-themed things we could buy or arrange? What sorts of things would you have loved to get or do as a graduating senior?
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Why don't you record a radio style farewell "broadcast" regarding graduation and such and put that on CDs?
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I was going to suggest something similar to DisreputableDog. A "memories" compilation assembled and then played during a farewell broadcast? Perhaps include some "bloopers" if you have them. Then sent them off with a recording of said broadcast.
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How about microphone flags (customized with station call sign, of course)?
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Make some custom t-shirts. I still have mine from my days as a dj.
SWAG! I have an Electrovoice mug that we got as a freebie when the station bought new microphones. If they missed out on some cool record company swag...give them some of that stuff.
The mic flag mentioned above is a good idea.

Our college station always had a bunch of toys in the dj booth. I left with a rubber ducky. During my time, I contributed a plaster glow-in-the-dark skull from disneyland. Have the incoming freshmen bring something new, and give the graduating folks some of the cool toys that have been lying around for four years.
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Custom t-shirts, mugs, tumblers or other swag. People love swag.
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Yeah, tote bags. The kids love a cloth tote bag. NOT a deck tote, more something like this.

Mugs and T-shirts also great, as previously stated.

I work in public radio and whenever some decent looking, kind of hip swag comes in, people (including student interns) are just mad for it.
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