Planning a big dinner party in New Orleans
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Dinner party for 300. New Orleans. October. Have about $100/person to spend. Where should we go?

It's a big group, obviously, which limits our choices. But we want it to be reasonably nice and in the spirit of New Orleans. Bonus points if it's in a setting where there's something fun to do after the meal (we're looking at the aquarium, for instance). The group will be meeting at the Loews on Poydras Street, so the closer to that, the better ... can any New Orleans MeFites offer a can't-miss suggestion?
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Is 300 a firm number? Donald Link's Calcasieu accommodates 275 and would fit your other needs.

I believe Le Foret has a banquet space as well. They're expensive, and $100 would be a stretch there for a regular dinner including wine, but maybe it's cheaper for banquets. There are probably other restaurants that can do such a large group, but those are the only two I know of off the top of my head.

So then you'll want to look into hotels I assume. I've been to really nice wedding receptions at the Blue Room at the Roosevelt. I have no idea of the price per head, but the food was outstanding considering the scale.
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You could also see if the Loews could do it in a banquet hall. Their affiliated restaurant Cafe Adelaide is a Brennan property and though it's not my personal favorite it would probably be just fine.
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A friend had her wedding reception at Pat O's on the River (in the former Jax Brewery). It was pretty cool.

Other options include:

The Conti Wax Museum
Luke which can accommodate up to 250.

You should also contact the NO Convention and Visitors Bureau. They may have more ideas.
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Oh and lastly from me, the near-obligatory suggestion to ask the New Orleans Chowhound board. It's active and knowledgeable.
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Oh, yeah, if you can do Loew's Ballroom and Cafe Adelaide catering (or possibly Cafe Adelaide itself has an event space?), I would opt for that. Cafe Adelaide is great.
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