Does anyone have this car radio, and know how to set it to 24-hour time?
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I figured out years ago how to change my Jeep's clock to 24-hour/military time. Recently the battery was disconnected and the clock reverted back to regular time, and I cannot figure out how to switch it back to 24-hour time. Does anyone know how to do this?

This is the factory radio in a 2000 Jeep Cherokee - see photo at

I don't remember how I did this the first time, but I do remember it wasn't intuitive and took some experimenting. Here's what I've tried so far this time:
  • every button combination I can think of
  • read the Jeep's manual, which pictures two different radio options, but neither are the one I have
The clock works, so it's not the end of the world if this can't be figured out, but I do prefer seeing the 24-hour time, so I appreciate any helpful suggestions. Thanks.
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Have you tried just holding down the "H" button on its own?
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Not sure if it works for the Jeep, but try this: hold down H until it goes into setting mode, then spin the tuner dial. For some vehicles, that toggles the 12/24 option.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I hadn't tried holding down the H button, so I just ran out and tried it - but unfortunately it didn't seem to have the right effect. Holding it down just kept increasing the hours by one, even when simultaneously pressing Tune, Seek, and twisting and pushing the volume knob. Just to be thorough, I also tried this both with the radio off and on - no difference.
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Response by poster: Sadly, holding down H+M didn't work either. Thanks.
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