What to do in DC next weekend?
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I'm heading to Washington DC next weekend (March 15-18) and wondering if there are any cool events/exhibits going on.

I found the Washington Post events calendar, but it was a bit overwhelming so I'm hoping some mefites can steer me! I've been to DC many times, so the first-time-tourist things (Lincoln memorial, etc) don't apply. I'd love to hear about specific events, or else general neighborhoods that I might like to explore. Last time I was there I was introduced to the Phillips Collection which I loved!

Me: late 20s, staying near GWU. I like photography, good food (paleo, but I can usually find something to eat anywhere), good cocktails, walking, exploring neighborhoods, window-shopping. Not into dance clubs or sporting events.
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I'm not a DC expert, so I can't really help you there.

I can tell you there is a meetup in Reston on the 15th, though it's a bit of a hike.
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This exhibit sounds interesting. Some DC things I have wanted to do but haven't found the time yet are to visit the botanical garden, maybe the arboretum, and the butterfly exhibit - you have to pay to check it out but I'm still interested. If you're going to be near GWU, have you checked out the Corcoran? I haven't been recently but it's frequently overlooked.

Also, FYI - the National Marathon is that weekend so that may affect transportation and such. If you plan to be in northwest DC, like Georgetown, at the time, you can probably escape, but take a look at the map if you're concerned. Things should be back to normal-ish by 1 or 2 p.m. if not earlier.
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If you're into photography, definitely check out the National Gallery "Faking It" exhibit.

The Corcoran is currently doing a big exhibit on DC punk and funk scenes in the 80s.

I like The Passenger for cocktails, but there's not much else interesting in that area. H Street/the Atlas District is a newer area (well, newly gentrified) with hipster food and bars.

Check We Love DC and DCist next week for weekend ideas.

I'm honestly not sure how much St. Patrick's Day will affect the bar scene. Ground Zero for that will be the Irish pubs in Old Town Alexandria, a short Metro ride away if that interests you. (The parade was last weekend though.)
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The Cyrus Cylinder will be in town! There's also this exhibit next door on a collection of ancient Chinese art, if you're into that kind of thing. One of my favorite overlooked parts of the Smithsonian is the Renwick, kitty corner from the White House.

If you do head down to Reston, given the paleo thing, definitely hit up some of the Pakistani and Afghani places for enormous kebab platters (only if your willpower is strong enough to withstand freshly baked bread...) There's also a Persian style local chain called Moby Dick's House of Kabob with two locations near you (Dupont Circle and Georgetown) with great lamb and other meat specials.
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For the Reston meetup, you can take Metro most of the way..... maybe someone who's attending can carpool you in from there? Can't hurt to ask!

If you'll have access to a car, memail me.
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The Washington Post Going Out Guide blog often has some good info on upcoming events. But they usually post things only a few days in advance.

If you are near GWU, you should consider catching a free musical performance at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage. They put on a free concert at 6pm 365 days a year. The artists are all over the map in style so check out their schedule. The nice thing is you can easily catch a show and then go elsewhere in the city.

If cocktails are your thing, The Passenger is good, but also recommend the Gibson. But... if you are willing to head to Old Town Alexandria (quick metro ride on the blue line from GWU) you can go to PX. The bar is located near Eamons off King Street and is a nice speakeasy style complete with an unmarked door, bouncer that slides up a little view slit to ask for your reservation name. Very tasty and inventive cocktails, but you must make a reservation in advance.
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Do you like historical costume? I really enjoyed Fashioning the New Woman at the DAR.
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I love Passenger. If you check out their Facebook, they come up with new drinks EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you enjoy rum, next door to Passenger is Hogo. They have a pretty amazing selection.

Around that area is a restaurant called Rogue 24. They do a pretty good 24 course degustation if you're into that kind of thing. They also have a bar that has a good cocktail program.

I actually think walking from Mt Vernon Square to Logan Circle to Dupont Circle gives you a nice overview of the architecture in NW DC. West of Dupont there are tons of embassies with interesting buildings. In southern Dupont there's a restaurant/bar called Firefly that also has a good cocktail program, with ties to Gibson.

M Street in Georgetown is nice for window shopping, and there's a waterfront of the Potomac.

Keep in mind NW DC is super-affluent, so while everything is posh and clean and low-crime, you won't find much gritty urban realness there.
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Nordic Cool is going on at the Kennedy Center
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Brightest Young Things has an events list that is mostly targeted to the twentysomething hipster set.

If you are into museums there is a much hyped show at the Corcoran about DC arts culture in the 1980's. The Freer/Sackler museums are also some of my favorite in DC and don't get nearly the same tourist-love that they should. Definitely check out the Peacock Room if you go.

Eastern Market is really fun to check out on the weekends. It's a fun neighborhood to just walk around and grab a meal. Good place to eat around there: Boxcar (nice bistro-type with a great bar), DC-3 (incredible variety of hot dogs in styles from across the country in a small restaurant that is styled after a WWII plane), Tortilla Cafe (great El Salvadoran place), The Counter at Eastern Market itself (really big, tasty fish sandwiches and brunch-y things).

U Street and Mt. Pleasant are other neighborhoods with lots to do, from bars and restaurants to free music and live acts.
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