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Looking for a quote from Napoleon about women.

One of my students asked me about a quote they said was from Napoleon. It roughly went, "Women are nothing but factories for producing children." My googlefu failed me and after a bit more pressing the student said it may not have been Napoleon but some other military person from around that same time period. Anyone know what he is talking about?
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Best answer: A version with one word changed ("Women are nothing but machines for producing children.") returns tons of Google results, including this one on wikiquote, which includes a detailed citation:

"The St. Helena Journal of General Baron Gourgaud (9 January 1817); as quoted in The St. Helena Journal of General Baron Gourgaud, 1815-1818 : Being a Diary written at St. Helena during a part of Napoleon's Captivity (1932) as translated by Norman Edwards, a translation of Journal de Sainte-Hélène 1815-1818 by General Gaspard Gourgaud"
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Response by poster: That must be it - thanks for helping figure this out!
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