Software to create a photomosaic
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I want to create a photomosaic with pictures I have taken for a 24x36 poster print and I need some good software.

Most software I have found has some sort of limit regarding pixel size or photo collection. I'm not so much worried about a limit to photo collection size because the amount of photos will only total around 500, but I absolutely must be able to work in extremely large format. For print, the poster probably needs to be around 900dpi so the actual image will be huge (even with a thick black border around it). Does anyone have any experience doing something like this or have you used any program that stood out good for its lack of limitations and enhancing features?
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I've done a couple of mosaics like this, and Photoshop gets the job done as flexibly as possible. You will need to manually adjust the fit of the different pictures. Especially since your intent, apparently, is a high-quality output.
Anyway, that's my recommendation.
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not sure where I got this link from but I have it in reserve for when I get round to it.
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Best answer:

I have used this software and I think it is great. It is also free. It is very customizable and should be able to do what you want. This will let you do the final image size as big as you want.
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Best answer: The Andrea Mosaic link above is b0rked. Try this instead.
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The link is actually:
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Nothing touches AutoStitch. It was created by a CS student, so it's crude and rude, but it's free. (Albeit time-limited, as it appears they are attempting to shop around licensing rights. Hurry, hurry.)
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Oops, didn't understand the question. Ignore meeee.
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I'm glad you misunderstood. Thanks for the link.
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