Subject matter for a job interview micro training session
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What are some ideas on subject matter for a 15 minute training session, for a second round job interview.

Assume this is for 2nd round job interview for a customer-related service team leader type position in a very large facilities maintenance company. I need to provide a short training session on any topic of choice and will be training up to 4 people, props and materials can be used. I also need to provide a "training reference document brief" for the participants. Of course the focus will be on the ability to prepare the materials needed and the actual training skills during the session rather than the subject matter, but any ideas on the subject would be very much appreciated as Im having a block.

Finally, what would you expect to see in the brief document? My assumption is 1-2 page document with including the Topic Introduction, Description of Skills Required, Outline of Learning Activity, Planned Learning Outcomes, (& References). Does this sound on track?
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Don't choose something random- select a topic that is relevant to the company and to the team you are expected to lead.

I don't think your assumption on this document is correct. It should not be a lesson plan that outlines your procedures as a trainer; it should be a reference document that will allow someone who did not 'attend' your training to understand & perform the same task. Or, it should be something that a participant can read later to refresh their memory on how to perform the task you trained them on.

Can you ask the interview team to elaborate on what sort of document they expect?
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Response by poster: Thanks for your response, I picked a relative topic and created a visual step-by-step learning activity guide for the brief, so it can be used as a lesson & reference guide for those not-attending.

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