Slightly bumpy iDevice screen protector?
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A friend's iPad has a screen protector that is slightly micro-bumpy and rubbery. I call it "nurbly." It breaks up reflections but doesn't dull the display the way matte screen protectors do, since it is shiny, but bumpy. Another friend has the same thing on his iPhone. Neither of them can remember where they got it. Does anyone have this and know the name of it? I want to put one on my iPad mini.
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Best answer: Could it be the Zagg Invisible Shield? Their screen protectors have a texture often described as "orange peel".
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Best answer: Seconding Zagg Invisibleshield. They have multiple varieties now, apparently; I've used the "original" which had the texture you describe; I don't know about the other flavors.
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Response by poster: Excellent! Thanks everyone!
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