Need To Find A Freelance Editor
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I need an editor (copy and content) for an edgy, non-traditional chapbook of poems. Word count is light -- around 4,000. Budget is nearly non-existent (this is an art project) but there would be some kind of honorarium attached. Can someone help me find a good, trusty editor?
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You could try the job list at the Editorial Freelancers Association or the "Jobs" site here or the forums at for starters.
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I have somebody I could recommend.
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From your profile, I see that you live in an area with many excellent colleges nearby. Maybe contact their creative writing graduate programs or check with their literary magazine staffs.
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Best answer: Seconding mochapickle. An MFA student is your best chance to get some good work done on a project like this for a little money (since MFA students are used to doing this kind of work all the time for no money!). Creative writing programs should have a secretary or similar administrator listed on their websites; just send an email to them that they can forward to the grad student email list.
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A good, trusty editor is not free or necessarily cheap. Put your project on Kickstarter to get enough money for a good, trusty editor. That is the whole idea behind Kickstarter.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies all. For my situation I agree with mochapickle's and raisindebt's suggestions that my best bet may be to hunt down an MFA student. I am curious about the Editorial Freelancers Association but I think for this project their fee is probably prohibitive.
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