Specific Text Animation in After Effects
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Looking for a text animation in After Effects

Hey everyone!

I've been looking for making text animation in After Effects. I've seen it a few times, but I can't find any tutorials on it on Youtube.

Imagine having words on both the side and top of an invisible box. The side of the box faces you. When you flip the box forward toward you, the top of the box comes into view while the text on the side of the box gets flatter and disappears near the bottom.

It would be great if anyone can tell me how it's made or even have any idea of how it's done. It has been very frustrating for me to try to find it.

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Best answer: You could parent the first text layer to a null, rotate it 90 degrees around the X axis, then parent the second text layer.

You'd then have to manually pick the frames where the layers are lined up with the camera close enough to make them disappear/appear.

There may be a specific "transition" effect that'll make it quicker that I'm not aware of. A card transition with a single card is most of the way there, but the axis is centred, while for a box you want it offset for the face's distance from the centre of the cube.
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Best answer: Make text layers for each side of the box, then set the layers to be 3d. Offset each layer 90 degrees using rotation then parent to a null and animate the rotation on that.
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Response by poster: Hey guys, thanks. I think I got it!
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