Help me identify a song with an answering machine message at the end.
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So, once I had a mix CD with a song on it that had what I believe is an answering machine message at the end. I can't remember the artist or song title, and it's driving me nuts.

Here are the limited clues:

I think the message might have contained the phrase "so pissed off" or something to that effect.

It's not "Providence" by Sonic Youth.

Artists on the CD included T. Rex, Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr., Van der Graaf Generator, Wire, and The Fall. The song in question is probably similar in style.

I hope someone can help because this is seriously troubling me. Thanks!
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Seems unlikely, but the Beastie Boys song "The Maestro" has an answering machine bit at the beginning.
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"Secret" by Firewater begins and ends with a very pissed-off answering machine message, though the phrase isn't actually spoken. Can't imagine this is it, but that's my shot.
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Also unlikely, but th Kruder and Dorfmeister remix of Count Basic's "Gotta Jazz" has an answering machine at the end. You probably would have mentioned that its a message with someone having sex/watching porn in the background though, wouldn't you?
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Response by poster: It's not any of the above, though I am seeing promise for an answering machine message mix CD. Thanks for the suggestions so far.
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Kathleen Hanna's Heartbeat from the Mike Watt album "Ball Hog or Tug Boat"?
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Lady Sovereign?
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Another long shot since the answering machine is in the beginning, but Blue October's Hate Me is an option.
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Something from Beck's early album Stereopathetic Soulmanure? The answering machine-like parts start at about 16:30, 29:45, and 40:15. Here's the track list — the tracks with titles like "8.6.82" are 30 seconds each of speech. Your friend could have used two tracks — a song from the album followed by one of the speech tracks (e.g. tracks 7 and 8).
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Pretty sure I know the song and that I get it about every 30 days on my Pandora station - seriously. I can hear the message - worst case scenario, I'll find it Sunday Night. Unfortunately I'm on bad bandwidth right now and I can't stream anything useful, otherwise I'd go through my thumb ups for what I think are the likely candidates...

Addendum: I also went through a few odd searches to see if anything might trigger an immediate memory and I found this thread on a music forum with a similar question and some great answers.
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A Violent Femmes compilation from 1993 had a little message called Gordon's Message after Gone Daddy Gone taking about how he was locked inside his house. / long shot
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"Jesus Loves His Babies" by the Smashing Pumpkins.

ring, ring

"Hi, this is Billy. I'm not home right now but leave your name and number and I'll get back to you."

"Billy. Billy! Pick up the phone, Billy, I know you're home. It's Jesus. I'm very angry with you. I'm going to punish you, Billy. Ahahahahaha! I'm going to PUNISH YOU, Billy! Can you hear me, Billy? Are you listening? I hope you're listening, Billy!"
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Get Out by Sublime?
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Response by poster: It isn't any of these, though I'm hopeful about the thread linked by Nanukthedog. I'm also digging through my Google search history, which may help.

It's a male vocalist and a male voice on the recorded message, if that helps anyone narrow it down.
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The Wine Song by Poi Dog Pondering ends with an answering machine message, much of it indecipherable. The linked track is a live version, without the message on the studio version... sorry I couldn't find an online version
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Probably not it, and I'm having trouble finding an example online with it that includes the answering machine bit, but you aren't thinking of Tour Song by Jawbreaker by any chance?
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Crystal method - trip like I do?
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Longshot, but is it Everclear's "Unemployed Boyfriend?" It has an answering machine message at the start and the end.
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Green Mind by Dink? Not really an answering machine, but there are people talking at the end (and beginning). It's mostly a man, but the woman says she's "a little ticked off," which you might have remembered as "so pissed off."
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Could it be Janine by Soul Coughing? the answering machine is omnipresent.
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Oh, could've, alternatively to crystal method, been the cover version by filter - trip like I do.

Edited to say: never mind, the male voice on the answering machine knocks me out of the contest.
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Best answer: Mogwai -Tracy? Answering machine messages Talk about an argument (faked). Think it uses 'stroppy' rather than 'pissed off'
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Response by poster: Fairly certain that it's Mogwai. Thank you!
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The New Deal - Exciting New Direction. Voicemail kicks in at around 2:40.
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Replacements / Answering Machine ?
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It's terrific. There's a fun kid loco mix knocking about that you might also like.
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Probably not Diamanda Galás - Tony, but posted in case anyone is collecting.
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Now you have enough tracks for an all answering machine playlist!
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Bare Jr, off "Boo-Tay"

"For those who do pick up the CD, look for the hidden track which starts with a harsh dear-John answering-machine message from Bare's now former girlfriend. "Pearl," the name of the hidden track, is a forlorn love song that sticks to the roof of your mouth and refuses to let go."
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