Name my shell companies
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MetaFilter, I'm creating two corporate entities for small side ventures, and I get to name them whatever I want! Suggestions/inspirations? (some parameters inside)

Aside from the odd cheque made out to them, the company names won't be all that visible. Names can be anything PG (including random made up words), but here are some themes if helpful:

-Company names from TV and Movies
-place names
-pop culture references - sci-fi, sitcoms (Simpsons references welcome), alternative and classic rock.
-general satire and irony

I'm hoping to have a little, semi-silly, fun. Sorta like naming pets. Consider this a right-brain warm-up for your weekend.

Obvious disclaimer: by posting a suggestion, you're agreeing that it's okay for me to use your idea for free. I won't be making any money off the name itself.
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The Empire and The Republic.
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Kang and Kodos -- the names of the two aliens who always show up on The Simpsons.
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Veridian and Dynamics - the company from Better Off Ted
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Red and Purple.

I guess you could name one Red and the other Purple, or use Red and Purple for the name of one (perhaps Purple and Red for the other, or something else entirely).

It is a reference to a poem which inspired some "be your own woman" type organization. (I think it is called The Red Hat Society.) The poem says in essence: when I am old, I will be rebellious and not care what other people think and I will do as I please. I will eat whatever I junk food I want and wear whatever crazy stuff I want, like red with purple. Oh, heck. Why wait. I think I will start today.

Rebellious. Silly. Not dirty. Shouldn't get you sued.
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How about unrelated products?

American Merkin and Custom Dentures LLC
North Ohio Adult Novelty and Cheese Co.
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ID and EGO.
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Weyland and Yutani. When they merge, everything is going to hell.
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Touching Cloth and Code Brown
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Scylla and Charybdis
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Shazzam and Isis.
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Slough and Swindon
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Dont name it after star wars.. you would be following enron's footsteps( eg JEDI, Chewco)
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Legitimate Business Venture
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Well clearly one of them has to be Compuglobalhypermeganet.
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Keymaster Enterprises and Gatekeeper Corp.
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The Motherloving Sugar Corp

The Globex Corporation
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Yoyodyne and Acme
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Big Daddies Little Sisters Charities
Shodan Glados Asssociation
Denton Tong Enterprises
Raynor Kerrigan Associates
D.I. Helios
Hermann Navarre
Black Mesa Resport & Spa
Vault Dweller Industries

Bluth Fünke Consultancy
Two Lucilles
Ann Hog Mexican Travels
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Jolly Fats and Weehawkin
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Bourne and Korn
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Best answer: Or you could name your shell companies after seashells as a tongue in cheek, inside joke.

Shell names with pictures.
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Mario and Luigi
Amalgamated Gigawatt and Hyperion Intergalactic
Engulf & Devour and Globex
Holding Company and Umbrella Corporation
Spacely Sprockets and Cogswell Cogs
Gringotts and Frobozz
Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems and Cyberdyne Systems Corp.
Wayne Enterprises and Stark Industries
Clampett Oil and/or Ewing Oil and/or Denver-Carrington
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Name them after Maryanne Moore's suggested names for the Edsel. What could be cooler than owning two companies called Intelligent Whale and Mongoose Civique?
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Dunder Mifflin
Vandelay Industries
Paper Street Soap Company
Pierce & Pierce
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Vamanos Pest Control.
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And Madrigal Electromotive GmbH.
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You give a pretty vague description of the companies, so maybe Hansel and Gretel will have to be their names.
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Rock and HardPlace.
ThisSpaceDeliberatelyLeftBlank and NoNameProvided.
SheSells and SeaShore.
Comet and Blitzen.

Or look at some of the threads about naming computers...
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ksh and bash.
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Reversible Diamond's suggestions are reminding me of the fake company names my Dad would answer the phone with:
- Kelly's Fish Market
- Colin's House o' Gazebos
- Faraday Printing
- Medical Examiner's Office, you stab 'em we slab 'em!

From TV/Movies:
- Gizmonic Industries
- Sanctuary
- Fringe Division
- Warehouse 13
- Pope & Associates
- Charles Townsend Agency
- Blue Moon Detective Agency
- Simon & Simon
- Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce
- Rekall
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Makes me think of a bit from cstross' book Accelerando - one of the characters creates a fleet of thousands of procedurally-generated shell companies:
"The president of is The secretary is, and the chair is All the shares are owned by those companies in equal measure, and I can tell you that their regulations are written in Python. Have a nice day, now!"
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You could look through this thread for inspiration.
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Tessier-Ashpool S.A.
W.A.S.T.E. (We Await Silent Trystero's Empire)

…but I still like Yoyodyne.
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Thing One and Thing Two.
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Voyager and Pioneer
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