Dinner suggestions in Greenwich Village near the IFC Center?
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Simple question this time around! I’m searching for a quick, unique and especially delicious dinner in New York around The IFC Center. The theater is located just off the A train’s West 4th stop in the village just blocks away from Washington Square Park, near parts of Bleeker street. We’ll have less than an hour before the film starts and want to try something tasty and unique. Also, cheap-ish is a plus!
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Re: unique, depending on what you're used to, Red Bamboo is one of those meatless restaurants where lots of things look (and taste!) like meat. If you're pressed for time and you see it is packed, don't bother though.
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Also, how many of you are there? That can make a big difference (Red Bamboo, for instance, is, uh, very "cozy.")
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I would go to The Hummus Place on 7th. Cheap, delicious, I don't know about unique but it's certainly really good hummus.
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Oh, also, there's a bunch of nice restaurants down on MacDougal off W4th. I particularly like Hummus Place (do not go there if you are really hungry or more than 4 people) and the Olive Tree (you may have to walk through a comedian's set to use the can.)
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Lots of great stuff on MacDougal south of 4th Street, agreed.

Mamoun's Falafel is always a winner. I want to say that there's an Ethiopian restaurant right across the street, as well, but I could be wrong.
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The Ethiopian place is Meskerem.
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Home is just around the corner and has a year round garden with heat lamps. Everything they make is either organic or local.
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We usually do Galanga before or after IFC. In fact, that's the plan for tomorrow night!
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Thelewala for fantastic Indian street food on MacDougal Street – try the malai chicken.

Less "unique" but very good, lamb shawarma at King Falafel a few doors north.
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If you have less than an hour, and want something quick, tasty, and cheap, I would recommend Dos Toros. That way you have plenty of time as for some IFC showings, there is a line outside beforehand (not sure how popular the movie you're seeing is).
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Response by poster: Right now I'm gravitating toward Mamouns Fallafel which seems well regarded, is grab-and-go quick-- that taco place might be good too.

We're 3 people by the way.
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Olive Tree is decent middle eastern, the plates are big enough you can generally split one (though it's cheap anyway), there's charlie chaplin projected on the walls, and occasionally comedians hanging around, plus you can play hangman on the chalkboard tables.
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Mamoun's is fucking awesome but more likely than not you won't get a place to sit in there; it's literally a hole-in-the-wall with I think two sets of 4-person tables. You can eat standing up right outside the place (that's what most people do) or take it down to the park.
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Kati Roll, right by Mamoun's on Macdougal. Get one chicken tikka roll and one achari paneer roll. Most. Delicious. Thing. Ever.

Sort of a hole-in-the-wall but clean and 3 people can sit and eat there.
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Best answer: Noodle Bar is a Singapore-style noodle place that my boyfriend and I eat at almost every time we go to IFC.
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Oooh, seconding Home. I love that place.
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Oooh, VP2. Or Red Bamboo. They are interchangeably amazing.
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Depending on if you can make Happy Hour, The Mermaid Inn @ 79 MacDougal Street has cheap cocktails and food. If you miss happy hour, it's pretty great still.
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A branch of Fayda Chinese bakery recently opened next door to the IFC.

If I only have less than an hour before the show starts at IFC or Film Forum I usually go to Amy's Bread or Bagels on the. Square.
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