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Are there any matching-gift channels to make a Red Cross donation for persons who do not have employer-match? This is obviously a propos to Katrina, but I am also interested to learn if there may be permanent programs of this sort.
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I don't know how long they will do this, but Best Buy is matching customer donations for the Red Cross right now. At least in Central Florida stores, I assume it's a national chain.
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Although it seems they are capping their contribution at one million, so *your* contribution may not be doubled after all, if they get over one million in customer donations.
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Go Fug Yourself listed some donation-matching foundations, but it looks like only one is still matching, as the other two seemed to have reached their limit. Barry Manilow and the Manilow fund are each matching donations sent to and sending money to the Red Cross. So, they're sending in three dollars for every dollar donated, but only up to $150,000.
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Best answer: Costco is matching for members.
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Response by poster: That's the solution, britain! TYVM.
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Response by poster: Oops! On following up, I couldn't find anything to back that up, britain. Got link?
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Yummy, generous Peet's Coffee and Tea is also matching donations.
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Whole Foods is matching in-store donations, up to one million.
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Online casinos are also matching Katrina donations (no doubt they only care because of the dozens of riverboat casinos that got washed up, but whatever.) Paradise poker, for instance, has a 100 % match when you transfer.
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Siemens is doubling donations. I do not believe there is an upper limit. Give till it hurts!
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