Fabulous Shoes for an Interview?
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I have a very exciting interview Wednesday and realized that my footwear is completely not up to the task, because I normally select workaday shoes that I can walk miles in and don't care if they are destroyed. I need a work-fabulous (i.e., no open toed) celebratory pair of heels for a special occasion.

The interview is in a law-office setting and involves politically-involved lawyers. I'll be wearing a tweed skirt suit with strands of green, brown, black, and grey in it, so color is a little flexible, but I'm leaning toward black. Also flexible are price and height, but I need to be able to walk at least from a parking lot to an office.

What I would have worn is my 10-year-old pair of black Prada 2.5-inch heels I scored on super sale, but they have cracked in an unrepairable way and are a little plain in any case.
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Fitzwell Brand to the rescue!

I have a pair of the "Elizabeth" pumps and the "Marie" slingbacks for work and that I've also worn on interviews. They have a no-slip bottom and are orthopedically designed to not kill your feet.

If your feet are exceptionally sensitive, you can always slap some Dr. Scholl's "for her" heels gel cusions in there too.

Good luck on the interview!
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(Whoops - I just saw "celebratory". These were meant more FOR an interview).
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Black, for sure. I'd head for Nordstrom's shoe department and start trying on and walking. Avoid all 3 inch and higher heels. 1 and 1/2 to 2 inches is good . (Kitten heels also always look classy and are comfortable.) Look for classic, not trendy, and for good materials. And aim for a rounded toe. Some pointy toes are comfortable for real life, but not many. Walk all over the shoe department in the shoes and make sure they fit well and comfortably.

It also improves the wearability and lasting-ness of your shoe to take them to a cobbler style store and get no slip soles and rubberheel tips added on the bottom of your shoes.
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Cole Haan heels with Nike Air in them are legitimately more comfortable than many shorter heels. I am a comfort-shoe person and I was really surprised while trying on wedding shoes.
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agree with Madamina. I have the Air Talias on the page she links, and they look great.
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Thirding Madamina on the Cole Haan recommendation; you might also like the offerings from Bloch or Tod's.
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I have the classic black patent Louboutin "Simple Pump" (that link is to the standard leather) and although they were very pricy, they are SO COMFORTABLE and I wear them more than any other shoe I own. They might be too plain for you if your Pradas were, but I find the red sole celebratory, and they're kind of a...thrilling investment piece, if you will.
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I've been lusting after those Louboutin shoes since I first saw them. Can't quite get myself to pay nearly $1000 for shoes, but that's me. But the heel is almost 5 inches high . . . I wouldn't pick those, with the suit described, for this interview.
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I have a pair of "gentle souls" wedges that are amazingly comfortable. I am a sneakers girl, and I probably wear not-sneakers about once a year, so walking in heels is typically stressful. These though, are amazing. I can wear them comfortably and walk around as if I were wearing sneakers. I will say though, that the linked cole haan's above are cuter, but I need an ankle strap or I just wobble around.
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Just FYI. I once wore an aspirational pair of heels to an exciting interview. They turned out to be so unwearable that I literally couldn't walk back to my car in them - but I did, bleeding, because I didn't want anyone looking out a window to see me barefoot in the lot. It sucked all round.

What I am saying is, wear them out walking and make sure they are fine BEFORE you wear them to a high stakes event of any kind. Good luck with your interview!!
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Those Louboutins are beautiful.

Jimmy Choo Aimee
Prada Degrade
Manolo Blahnik Campy
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I'm of the opinion that "investment shoes" should be either classic or wacky, so if money were no object I would either get something like the Manolo Blahnik BB pump, which is simple but has a dramatic Louis heel (wacky) or the Louboutin Simple 70mm (classic).

If you want something more in the $150-$250 category, Cole Haan Chelsea pumps are a great classic choice, and the Stuart Weitzmann Chicpump is comfortable with a touch of wacky (architectural heel).

Don't get a platform pump; they are on their way out, fashion wise, and will look super dated in a year or two. There was a hilarious thing in Vogue in the last couple of months that very earnestly advised people how to shop for, wear, and walk in traditional pumps. I about died laughing, but it's a good indicator that the tyranny of the platform pump is nearing its end.
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Interestingly, Madamina's link to Zappo's shows the 2012 Cole Haan Chelseas, which have a platform; if you go into a store (Saks, Nordstrom) the 2013 Chelsea has a traditional sole, and there are also "Chelsea Platform" pumps available.

The Cole Haan Air Juliana is amazingly comfortable. If I had a job where I wore pumps and walked to work, I would probably wear Air Julianas all the time.
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FWIW, the Loubs that I own are not quite that high -- they don't have the platform, so they're about 4 inches, which is my own personal standard. I couldn't find a link to them, but you can get that shoe in heels from 3 inches up, and Barneys and Saks has them without the platform for sure (I got mine at Barneys). Mine were closer to $600. Which is INSANE except price per wear has actually worked out better than you'd think.

I bought them to celebrating selling a book, so I think of that whenever I put them on, and it makes me happy.

I weirdly don't find the Cole Haan Airs that comfortable, but I think I am alone in that.
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I too don't much like Cole Haan shoes, but I have flat feet that don't always do well in what works for others.

OP, go try the shoes on, and really walk around in them. That's the key, as everyone's feet are different.
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Don't wear louboutins with a red sole, wedges or platform pumps to a law office interview at a conservative firm if that's where you're interviewing. Something like the Air Talia regular sole or Corso Como Del shoe in, ideally, black calf is way more appropriate.
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Wait, I'm confused, how is a law-firm interview "celebratory"? I would have imagined black suit and black shoes. Am I missing something?
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There was a recent post on Corporette.com about interview shoes.
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Wait, I'm confused, how is a law-firm interview "celebratory"? I would have imagined black suit and black shoes. Am I missing something?

The interview is being held at a law firm, but it is not to work at a law firm. Without having to anonymize this, it's celebratory in the sense that the interview is the result of a lengthy process and it's not a job interview.
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Thanks for all the good advice. Postscript for anyone who cares: I thought about it and ultimately concurred that red soles are probably a little too conspicuous and platforms were probably unnecessary and maybe not a good investment for someone who never buys crazy expensive shoes. I briefly fell in love with these online, hoping they weren't too sparkly in person at Nordstrom's (they were, and also not quite fitting comfortably), tried on these, was a little bored, tried on the Manolo Blahnik Campy, which did not fit well. The instore selection of Cole Haan Air selection was lacking and time is short. So I went with these black Lanvin ballet pumps with a medium heel and a patent toe. They are much prettier on, with the heel elastic stretched out than in the pictures, and they feel amazing! Marking this resolved!
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