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Heading to London in the next two months, and am ignorant in the ways of electric converters and chargers, etc. Please help!

Taking Verizon phone with global capabilities and Acer Laptop. What will I need in the way of converters or chargers while I'm there? I have a USB port charger for my phone. Will that work if I get some sort of converter for the laptop? Speak to me oh electric gadget minded folk!
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Most of the chargers I use are self-regulating, and just need a different set of prongs--they take 110 and 220 volts. Here's a forum post on Apple about it.
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Plug adapter

Look for the UL information printed on the charger. It should say something like "110v - 220v", meaning that it can take either voltage as input (110-US/220-Europe)
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With electronics that are self-regulating, like laptop chargers, a converter tip will do since the electronic just doesn't have the proper prongs so it needs the correct set.

Anything else that isn't self-regulating, like flat irons, electric shavers, then you'll need an adapter. I learned this the hard way. The thing will pop if you use a converter tip rather than an adapter because it needs to adapt the voltage not just the proper prongs.

What you will see in some kits where the converter tips plug into an adapter rather than all in one adapters and that pins can be can be purchased separately from the adapter, so don't let that confuse you.
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There are two parts you'll need. One is making sure you'll end up with the right voltage and the other is using the right prongs for the socket.

For voltage:
Does this USB port charger for your phone plug into the wall or into your laptop?

- If it plugs into your laptop, then yeah as long as you get a converter for the laptop you should have no problems charging your phone through your laptop.

- For anything that plugs into the wall (could be your phone charger or your laptop converter), make sure it accepts a voltage range. UK voltage is 230-240V which is around twice that of America's.

For the wall socket: just bring along one of those standard international travel adapters, they're fairly easy to find.
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There are two parts you'll need.

There are two parts you might need but it's pretty likely you'll only need one. If your laptop charger accepts 240V, and they almost all do, you only need the converter tip.

The one linked above is backwards, this one is the type you want.
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