Name the "Name The Fish" Source
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Help me identify the source of this parody game show.

There was a parody game show sketch - or a segment of a sketch - where the contestant was given the impossible task of naming all the fish in a fish tank. Specifically, she or he was supposed to give them all names - not identify their species. I recall that the host of the game show shouted the title mirthlessly and that the contestant had mere seconds to complete the task. I think that the whole point was that this game was supposed to be impossible to win. It may have been the third of three tasks.

(Note: its not the Garfield and Friends Show's Name That Fish bit)

I cannot recall if this was from a TV Show, a movie, a cartoon or (urgh) maybe even a comic book. Does anyone remember this?
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This is ringing a vague bell for me, too; I want to say maybe The State or Viva Variety?
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Are you sure you're not thinking of the "Wheel of Fish" bit from Wierd Al's UHF?
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Ah, thanks for the guess, but that's not it. Thirty minutes of fruitless searching also suggests it wasn't a Sesame Street or Electric Company routine, though it could have been some other children's show.
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Argh, after all day searching and asking all over the Internet, I discovered that I had the wrong type of animal. The sketch was a Michael Palin hosted piece on Saturday Night Live titled Name The Bats. Resolved.
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