Find this diatribe against a scientific journal's correction policy
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A couple years ago I remember seeing a pretty damn hilarious itemized list of things a professor/researcher had to do to correct/update an article for publishing in a journal. It was 100 some odd items long, starting with inane requests, then veering into how some other author had disagreed with the original one and now the original had to prove it out. Research could've been related to frogs or physics+light - can't recall. I think it was on Scribd or another one of those sites that makes stuff look like a pdf/paper document. Anyone remember this?
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You're undoubtedly thinking of this. Though it was also posted last month.
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Hell yes I was looking for exactly that.

Didn't see it last month, I know I read it much longer ago than that. Did you remember it from Mefi and find it there, or use google (if so, what search terms?)

Thanks so much!!!!!!
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I must have seen the double post from last month, and remembered that it was about a comment on a journal article, rather than a correction. I searched Mefi for comment journal, and found the post from there.
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