Individually wrapped fair trade chocolates in bulk?
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I have a booth at a trade conference a couple of times a year and I have spent time and money curating a reputation as someone who gives away very good chocolate at my booth. To date I have given away Lindor Chocolate Truffles. Then this year someone popped along and asked me if they were fair trade. No, dammit, they are not fair trade. But owing to the nature of my business, they probably should be. Please suggest some fair trade chocolates that I can substitute for Lindor truffles.

They must be available in individually wrapped format as they are going into a large bowl that people stick their hands in. I would like them to cost not more than $0.33 per truffle. And I need to be able to order 250-300 at once.
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Equal Exchange is really good, and is within your price range ($0.16/bar).
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Do they need to be truffles or can they be chocolate pieces? You can get boxes of fair trade Divine dark and/or milk individually wrapped pieces here. They come in 150-count boxes for 0.36 per piece, but if you can buy three boxes at once, you'll be at the 0.33/ea mark.
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(On preview, that Equal Exchange pricing is way better than Divine!)
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Theo Chocolate is fair-trade and oh so tasty.
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Unfortunately, Theo is having some issues right now around possible union-busting. I'd go with Equal Exchange.
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Check out Tcho.
The Tcho-a-day might be your answer, though they aren't truffles, they are individually wrapped tasty chocolates.

Their sourcing seems solid too.
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Endangered Species Chocolate is my current fav. I like the .35oz Bug Bites because they come with a little trading card with info about a an endangered bug on them but those might be too expensive for you. Their bulk items section has their normal bars for like 28 cents/piece though.
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I recommend Divine Chocolates. I had one of their Advent calendars for Christmas and I loved the chocolate. Similar to Lindt style milk chocolates.
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i've only had the solid milk chocolate bars from divine chocolate but they are creamy chocolate goodness! i've tried quite a few fair trade milk chocolate bars and theirs is the best imo. most of the others are not creamy but rather hard and have really high amounts of cocoa making them too strong. these taste quite like a cadbury bar.
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Equal Exchange and Divine are both great companies. I think the Divine minis are much tastier, though.
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Askinosie sells mini bars of their (delicious) single-origin varieties. They source directly from the farmer and profit share with them, in addition to running a pretty cool entrepreneurship program for local high school kids. (Trip to Tanzania at the end of the year!) Did I mention they taste great? They retail at 80c per buttalk to them about wholesale pricing - they don't mind orders of that size.
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