Birthday delivery ideas beyond flowers?
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For work reasons, I'm spending this week far from home, which means I'm going to miss my girlfriend's birthday tomorrow. Boo! We're going to make up for it when I get home, but I still want to mark the occasion by having something delivered to her at work. The obvious choice is flowers, of course. But can you suggest something else romantic and sweet that would be less obvious? Something I can arrange remotely and have delivered to an office in Herndon, Va. tomorrow?
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Cheryl's Cookies are awesome.
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A really nice meal? Around here we have a service that picks up with various local restaurants including some really nice ones and you can pay and tip over the phone.
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Best answer: Edibel Arrangement?
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Hobbies / interests / things she's expressed a desire to get or that have been a hit in the past? We need some more data here, sir.
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Best answer: I was going to suggest Edible Arrangements, too. It's kind of big and corporate, I know, but their quality is outstanding, and I don't know anybody that doesn't just swoon when they get something from them.
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Balloons, singing telegram, anything a courier can pick up (meal from a favorite restaurant, clothing, books, etc.)

Georgetown Cupcakes will deliver within the beltway, but I'm not sure if Herndon is too far.
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Definitely cupcakes! Are you friends with any of her officemates? They may be able to help with soothing the delivery process (ie signing for things) and helping to keep it a surprise. I would not do a singing anything, but that's personal preference. Also, I like Edible Arrangements, but only in places with a lot of spare tupperware/fridge space and for people with cars. Is there anything she likes and sees as a special treat? Sushi? Lunchtime massage nearby?
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Pajamagram? Honestly I'd prefer flowers to any of the above suggestions (even cupcakes!).
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Best answer: I always thought edible arrangements was kind of cheesy until I got one.....It really was lovely...the quality of the fruit was amazing and it was beautiful. They are kind of $$$ but it's my new go to for things like this.
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Best answer: nthing Edible Arrangements.

I thought eh, who would like/use them.

Then I got a big delivery for a birthday one year. NOM NOM. Seriously.
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Just so you know, florists also usually stock candies, plushes, and have even been known-for a price-to run out and get gift cards or specific munchies for a gift basket. Some of them even have Yankee Candles in stock.

I'd call them today if you go that route, if you want delivery tomorrow.
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Response by poster: Okay, can't argue with that. Had never heard of Edible Arrangements before, but their bouquets of chocolate dipped strawberries dovetailed nicely with her recent fond reminiscences about a nearby fondue place that used to do those for dessert. And it even sort of looks like flowers.

So add a couple balloons and done and done, and thanks very much Hivemind!
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