Where can I find this awesome notebook?
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I have a perfect notebook, left over from college, and would love to find more just like it. But it has no branding -- I have no idea who manufactured the darn thing. My school doesn't seem to sell them anymore. It's 7" by 10", double-wire bound, cloth hardcover, with nice lined pages. Each page has a little recycling triangle symbol on it (indicating 100 percent recycled). Pics inside. Anyone know who could've made it, or where to find the same? Many thanks!
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It looks very similar in terms of the lined paper and spiral binding to a JournalBooks notebook I had once upon a time. JournalBooks has a zillion different types of notebooks and three times as many customization features, so it might take a while to find or create the exact same one you have now, but I think (hope!) this is what you're looking for.
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I don't know who made your notebook, sadly, but I'd like to highly recommend Muji notebooks. This one has some similarities to yours (plus an extra loop to keep the notebook closed, which is a nice feature).
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The closest match I can find (7x10 format, double black wirebound, 100% recycled) is Cachet Earthbound with a custom cover -- which would make sense, because Daler Rowney's US head office is in Cranbury Township, NJ, a stone's throw from Princeton. (Compare to the Cachet Classic, too.)

Mead and Ampad make similar ones; also, Alvin.
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Any chance you could contact the Princeton bookstore to see where they ordered it?
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It looks to me like a Canson notebook. Unfortunately, the company's lined journals are more difficult to find in recent years. It seems to be emphasizing its excellent line of sketchbooks.

Miquelrius is an alternative source of similarly-designed notebooks with high-quality paper.
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It looks like a JournalBook to me. Can you look at the bottom of the last page (facing the inside rear cover) and see if there's a replacement number?

I've been on a similar quest to find a replacement for a JournalBook (# 91340) that I got from a vendor as a giveaway. Unfortunately it seems JournalBoook specializes in custom-printed promotional materials so even if you found the right book, you would need to order a few dozen at a time.

Maybe someone out there knows of someone that is selling onsies. There are also some on eBay from time to time, it seems, as long as you don't care what logo is on it.
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I took a look and found no replacement number -- but it seems clear that JournalBook can do something similar.
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I'm glad you asked this, because I have two of these notebooks I've gotten through previous jobs and I've looked all over for similar ones that I can just buy to no avail. This site looks like it sells them individually (with their logo - bonus: animal charity).
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Hey sister, that's cool. Thanks for the link. Ideally I'd love to find one with 1/4" graph paper like my old one, but this will do great if nothing else pops up. The sturdy plastic cover and pen holder are the nice parts of these books.
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If you find one with graph paper available for individuals to buy, please report back. I'm at work and just checked the latest notebook I got at a conference and it is indeed a JournalBook. I love them because of the thick, high-quality paper and the hard cover - they are perfect to put all my work notes and ideas in. I can't believe that no one has made anything similar to be sold to individuals in the mass market.
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I think it's decided, time for a Metafilter branded notebook!
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I'd be willing to assemble and handle the order, but I doubt we could get 100 MeFi users to agree on a design... =)
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You could probably just do a simple logo on the cover if mathowie gave you permission. People here have managed to agree on several tshirt designs in the past.
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