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I have two things that needs to be fixed, although it's not super urgent. first, the usb jack on my external hard drive came loose, and I can't access data inside. I'm fairly sure all I need is a re-soldering job. I also want to get rid of my old laptop. It's an HP pavillion dv4, and it works mostly fine but occasionally blue screens. I was going to sell on craigslist, but I don't want all of my data in there when I sell. But every time I try to clear out everything, the computer blue screens on me. Where in Toronto (downtown or Annex) can I get these two things done as cheaply as possible?
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If you want to donate the HP, Free Geek Toronto (in the Junction) would also blank the drive securely. They may do the blanking for you for cheap.
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No help on the drive wiping, but you can buy a new HD enclosure for a few dollars - eBay is easy if you aren't in a rush. As long as you are comfortable taking out a few screws and plugging in a couple cables, changing it will be no problem. Repairing the enclosure, if it is possible, will be much more expensive.
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For your craigslist PC, use DBAN to wipe it. It doesn't use windows to run, which means no blue screens. Also, free.
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Seconding SSGs comment. Replacing the enclosure on your external drive is going to be far less expensive than repairing.

Take the enclosure apart and pull the drive out. Take the drive with you to Canada Computers (or any of the many other compy stores on College) and ask for an enclosure that will work with that drive. If you can work a screwdriver, you should be able to do it.
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