What's the best way to find kittens good homes in Northern California?
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Rescued some stray kittens from the street in South America. How to find them a good home?

Some background: My partner and I have been visiting Paraguay for the past 3 months. The situation for stray animals in Paraguay is very grim. There aren't any animal shelters or rescue groups in the entire country. Dogs and cats that find themselves without homes are forced to fend entirely for themselves, eating scraps and garbage. The lifespan of a street animal is less than 6 months, and the majority die of starvation, cars or disease.

A few weeks ago, we found a pair of three week old kittens in the middle of the street mewling, far too tiny to survive on their own. It was certain that if we didn't take them in they would be dead within a few days. We took them inside and fed them with an eye dropper. They began to perk up and soon their personalities blossomed. Four weeks later, we have two beautiful sisters who are in good health, have their shots, and are ready to be rehomed when we arrive back in Sacramento next week.

The kitties:
Oreo is the acrobat of the pair. After playing with her sister, she likes to sleep in laps and snuggle with her person. Her tortie orange colors are beginning to show, and she has beautiful white eyebrows and a white spot on her chin.

Eva is a bit more calm and collected. She loves curling up on knees and laps for a good scritch. She is perfectly black with bright green eyes and a very expressive face. Her favorite toy is a tiny cardboard box that she hides in to stalk her sister

They have been through a lot of change in just a few short weeks and are completely bonded to one another. We would really love them to find their forever home together. We are thinking it shouldn't be too hard since they are so cute and have such a unique story, but so far posting to the /r/sacramento reddit and our facebook hasn't turned up any bites. I'm very hesitant to dump them in the shelter because I fear they'll get lost in the shuffle and/or they'll get separated.

We cannot keep them, we already have 3 animals and the landlord absolutely will not permit more (not that I blame him). Anybody have ideas for organizations I should contact or places I should put up fliers to find them a good home?
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Craigslist and charge a small rehoming fee to keep away folks who aren't serious.
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Also, I hate to say this, but find out what you have to do to bring them into the country.

I'm tempted to take them, except my kitties are territorial and I live in Atlanta.

Here's a link to Happytails Pet Sanctuary, they have some resources you can explore.

Also, pictures?
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Ruthless Bunny: They're cleared to come into the country already, so assume all that is taken care of. Pics are linked to their names.
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I don't know specific shelters up there, but a friend who works for a rescue down here says that rescue groups will be more likely to take them if you can possibly sponsor them until they're adopted? Just a thought.

They are adorable and good on you for rescuing them.
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I can't see them at work. Boo!
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They are adorable. RedBud and I have rescued a dozen or so stray cats, had them innoculated and sterilized. Six of them still live with us.

We found help through a local agency called C.A.T.S., which helped us by subsidizing the vet fees. They also take in adoptable felines, but they are currently experiencing a backlog; they run on donations. Our local ASPCA (Medford Oregon) has a policy of holding adoptable felines for a few weeks, and you can ask that they notify you if the animals can't be placed, so that you can recover them. They charge a small fee for adopting cats.

If google doesn't show you any local organizations of this sort, you could try an ad in the paper. If your finances allow it, of course, you ought to take care of sterilizing these guys before you let them go to their new homes....sorry to say that we can't take them for you. Anyhow, I count myself lucky that you didn't stop by our house on your way home.
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Flyers on the college campuses, and maybe at the Old Soul coffee shops...we used to live near one, lots of hipsters, families and creative professionals... Good luck!
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Sacramento Area Animal Coalition has a list of rescue groups in the area, and I know there are even more out there that they haven't listed.
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years ago when i went to my local trader joe's there was someone standing in the parking lot with some kittens in a box to be given away. i don't think they had any problem finding a home for them as everyone was admiring the kittens. if you don't have a trader joe's nearby then go to your regular grocery store and stand with them outside the entrance. some kind soul will surely take them home.
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Hey, I ran into a similar issue a while back, though I'm in the South Bay Area and not super informed about rescue groups up Sacramento way.

Bottom line, though, what worked in my situation was working with a local rescue (13th Street Cats, in this case). I contacted the rescue and explained to them that we had the fostering situation covered (my SO's parents had the kittens at their place, across town from us) but that we needed assistance getting the word out about their availability. So what they ended up doing was putting up "courtesy listings" for the kittens, and I swear within about a week I had the most AWESOME person apply to adopt BOTH of them. A lot of people go to rescue listings to find kittens to adopt, basically...a lot more than go via craigslist, etc., it seems. In other words, find a rescue group in your area and ask them for courtesy listings, that ought to help lots. Good luck!
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