Two Cows walk into a bar...
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The Game of Thrones Drinks question reminded me of a drink question of my own. I had a favorite drink in college and would like the recipe. The Googles do not help. Perhaps Metafilter can?

Years ago (years and years ago) I used to get a shot at my divey college bar called "Two Cows Fucking in a Storm". I remember almost nothing about it except that it was strong and it most likely did NOT include cream or tequila (two things I avoided in mixed drinks). I've been wistfully trying to remember the recipe for a long time. A few years ago I tried calling up the bar that served it to see if they had the recipe, but alas! they are no longer in business. The bar was Randall's Northside Tap in Mount Vernon, Iowa. I couldn't remember any bartender's name if I tried. All of the drink recipes at the bar were written down on index cards and kept in a recipe holder, so it's possible that it only existed in one place and time.

This is the longest of long shots (ha), but has anybody else ever heard of this drink, and might know how to make it?
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Randall's is closed!? =(

Baileys, Kahlua, and Baccardi 151?

Not that you'd be able to tell at Randall's, but do you remember what colour it was?
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The drinks called "brown cow" and "black cow" both involve Kahlua, so that sounds like a likely ingredient.

A "kicking cow" involves whiskey.

That might cover the two cows part.
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I know you said you remember nothing, but any chance you have any idea what it tasted like?
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On second thought, "storm" drinks (dark 'n stormy, tropical storm) tend to have rum. Perhaps look up drink recipes that include both rum and Kahlua? Alternately, call some creative cocktail bars around 4:45pm tomorrow - that's before most bars will get busy, so the bartender might be able to think about it for a bit.
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'Two Alligators Fucking' involves Jagermeister, Razzmatazz and Midori...any chance this bar just changed the name??
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I think we're onto something with the Kahlua. I remember it being a dark drink, and a strong one. Perhaps it had another kind of hard liquor in addition to rum? I know that it wasn't sweet. I might do a little calling around to some other Iowa bars to see if they know. Good suggestion!

Porpoise, Randall's is now a bakery - or at least it was when I drove through town a few years ago. My theory is that, once we left town, John Randall took all the money that he made off of the two of us and retired to the south of France.
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I don't know this drink, but I used to live in MV. Cheers! I'll post something on my FB wall to see if anyone knows it.
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Update: no answer yet, but someone knows someone who was a bartender there!
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Oh how funny! I put out a call to my old friends from MV back in the day, no luck there.
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Sadly, my luck has run out. However, the bartender (who still tends bar at Gabe's in IC) is determined to figure out this mystery. He'll let me know if he solves it and/or comes up with a reasonable facsimile.
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Keep us posted! I am unreasonably interested in this mystery cocktail.
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Please do! Threads do close down after a certain amount of time. If anyone finds out anything, you can always memail Elly Vortex (click on the username, there should be a link on the top left of the screen to "send MeFi Mail," assuming of course that you're a member).
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