How do we best show our (financial) support for a movie?
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There was a movie that came out last fall that we spaced about and missed during its theater run. We want to pay to see it now to support movies of this type and by this filmmaker. Within reason, what is the best way to do it?

I know we are just two people in one household, and we really can't do all that much. But I am feeling a bit guilty about missing certain movies* in the theater and would like to support these filmmakers however possible.

I know we can rent via various avenues, but I believe the studio doesn't receive much of a cut from that. Is it best to buy the DVD/Blu-ray? Buy a digital copy via Google Play/Itunes? How about On Demand through DirecTV?

*especially Scott Pilgrim, since it was a massive flop
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Best answer: Buy on DVD, directly from the filmmaker's website if it's offered there.
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Agree with Tomorrowful, but keep in mind that the studios are HUGE global megacorps and this sort of thing doesn't really influence what kinds of movies get made, whether your favorite comic book will be adapted for the screen, or whether your favorite director will be hired to make another film. Not just because you're one tiny drop in the bucket, but stuff like "how were the DVD sales for the last Martin McDonagh film" doesn't directly inform future choices the studios will make.

If you want to make meaningful purchases that "support" media you enjoy, patronize your local arthouse cinema, purchase hard-copy media at independent stores, and tell your local venues what types of media you'd like to see available.

A local theater that's willing to take a chance on the next Scott Pilgrim is much more meaningful than a couple of DVD orders on a website.
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Best answer: stuff like "how were the DVD sales for the last Martin McDonagh film" doesn't directly inform future choices the studios will make.

I have been in meetings where this exact question (sans McDonagh) has been asked and the answer most absofuckinglutely impacted whether or not the next movie got made.

Buy the blu-ray. If it's on netflix streaming, stream it a couple times. The numbers totally matter.

Also: talk about the movie on twitter. Link to its imdb page on your facebook. "Like" the movie's facebook page. Encourage your friends to see the movie too. Keep talking about it. Don't stop.

Also: I love you, because your desire to support specific filmmakers is exactly the kind of care and attention movies need to bust through the entertainment noise that surrounds us.
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Email the guy or gal for whom you want to send the money?
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Seconding incessant's knowledgeable comments.

And definitely seek out the filmmaker on social media, because the odds are good they may have a Kickstarter or indiegogo raising funds for their next project!
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Some underrated movies auction off their props so maybe you could buy them?
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Write reviews on various websites.
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