Looking for a men's shirt made by a company called "Golden Star"
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I bought a beautiful long sleeve men's shirt on Hautelook.com. It was all black with contrast saddle stitching. The site said the size was true, meaning I bought a medium because I wear a medium. Boy, were they wrong. It was way too small. So, unfortunately, I have to return it. I called them to see if they had a large but they don't keep stock on the things they sell. So, I'm trying to see if this shirt is sold any other place. But when I google/bing "Golden Star" nothing remotely close comes up. To be honest, I've never heard of that label. Does anyone know how I can find this shirt or, at least, the company that makes it?
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Hautelook is a Nordstrom company.

Call Nordstrom's men's furnishings, explain what the issue is and see if they can help.
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Thanks Ruthless Bunny. I talked to Nordstrom but they couldn't help me. So I called Hautelook back and the woman was very nice. Of course, she said they don't keep inventory and are authorized by the manufacturer to only sell what people order. [I already knew that.] But when I complained that the fit described on the site wasn't even close to reality she said that she would look into where I might be able to purchase the shirt or whether Hautelook could get a larger size.

My sense is that "Golden Star" is an umbrella or the actual maker of the shirt. They are probably sold under various labels. And this was a special deal with Hautelook to sell their old inventory. Sigh.
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Yeah, there are some private label things going on with Nordstrom.

One other place you might get lucky is the Nordstrom Rack. There are things there that you can't find in the stores.
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Thanks. Just looked. Nada.
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Got a picture from the original website? Put it though google image search ... it may hit on it through another name.
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That may be hard. I will have to look at the wayback machine to see if it's there.
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No cache at the Wayback. And I don't know the exact URL, just the date (Feb 7 is when I placed my order). :-(
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