Where should we (a couple in our early thirties) spend the summer?
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Hello! We are both academics, and have the summer to spend pretty much anywhere in the world. (We're going to be writing most of the summer; location is not important, but internet is.) We've spent a fair bit of time in the US, England and Ireland, and have travelled but not lived anywhere else for a substantial amount of time. Considerations would be money (cheaper would be better, but we feel we could live on a budget in say, Paris); season (Paris may not be so great in the summer if it's hot and touristy); good internet (see above); and healthcare (one of us has a minor health condition that may need occasional treatment -- we're not talking Mayo Clinic but a place where there are some reliable doctors. Our insurance covers us outside the US.) Weather -- i.e., not crazy hot, or if it is hot, AC -- is a smaller consideration. We like both cities and country -- no obvious preference. Oh, and we don't have any kids. Any ideas? Thanks!
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Prince Edward Island, in Atlantic Canada.
It is beautiful, the weather is wonderful and warm, you can rent a cottage for the summer for not that much money, you're really close to other beautiful places to visit (Halifax, Peggy's Cove, etc), and the health care is pretty good. It is Canada so...

Anyway, that is what I would do. Rent a cottage. Do some writing. Eat some potatoes. Walk some of the most beautiful beaches around.
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The Alps? I spent a week in the Austrian Tyrol near Jenbach, the scenery is amazing, it's off-season so cheaper, there are apartments to rent in the mountains (internet may vary), there are hospitals and because of the ski season many people speak English. You wouldn't find many English speaking tourists in the summer though.
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New Zealand. Gorgeous scenery of every stripe from beach to glacier, totally viable internet and healthcare, super friendly people, mild climate.
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I was thinking that ski resort towns in the off season might be perfect for you.

Lake Tahoe, CA
Whistler, BC

You'll have nice cottages, good internet, and pretty, quiet scenery. But you might be able to score a bargain since it will be the off season.
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Buenos Aires, if you want to be in a city.
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If you speak Spanish, Lima, Peru, is inexpensive and quite charming. Temperate climate in the winter, though perhaps a bit gray. Also, plenty of foreigners flit in and out, so you'd probably be able to find a furnished flat with internet already hooked up, etc.

If I were you, I'd look in Miraflores (very safe, slightly yuppie) or Barranco (slightly less safe, but very bohemian and artsy) for places to rent.
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Finistère, Crozon peninsula, Brittany, France. Absolutely gorgeous and when I was there in July, it was free of tourist hordes. I daydream of living there.
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Seconding Buenos Aires. When I checked a couple of months ago, you could rent a small apartment in a nice area, internet included, for $700/month short term. Here's a ton of opinions about neighborhoods. Pros: Good food, city life, tons of trees in the nice areas. Cons: People can look/act stressed. Traffic can be intense but cabs are everywhere so all you have to do is enjoy the occasionally lively ride.
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Berlin is warm in the summer and cheap compared with Paris. Lots of cafes and parks to do your reading and writing!
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Wow, thanks everyone! Why is it only February? Keep 'em coming, but all these sound awesome.
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New Zealand in winter is a bad idea.

Berlin is great in summer.
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We've spent a fair bit of time in the US, England and Ireland

Sounds like you need to spend some time in Australia!

I'd suggest Melbourne, more refined and cultured than its flashier and sexier sister Sydney, although if you love beaches and are willing to deal with overtaxed infrastructure, Sydney is pretty darn gorgeous. Nothing like sipping a cappucino and taking the ferry across the harbor, in the shadow of the iconic bridge and Opera house. Rent a beach house at Maroubra or Manly.

Or if you're in the mood for something a bit more exotic, Perth is where the action is...

(All of Australia is 100% in the comfort zone for someone who primarily speaks English. It's different enough to be foreign - left side driving, "rocket" instead of arugula, plastic money - but not very different after all. Paris is a bigger challenge, and Bangkok or Shanghai even more so, depending on what you're up for.)
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