How to fix tags for bookmarks imported from delicious into Pinboard?
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I need to know how to fix tags on links I imported from Delicious into Pinboard.

I decided to switch from Delicious to Pinboard.

On Delicious, many of my saved links had multiple tags. Once I imported the saved links to Pinboard, the tags were separated by underscores rather than commas. This causes the imported links to have a huge number of unique links.

For example, if I had a link in Delicious tagged as amazon,price,important, it imported into Pinboard as amazon_price_important.

Is there a way for me to do a mass find and replace where I replace the underscores with commas? Is there a way to structure my import from Delicious to preserve my current tag structure? Do I just have to go back to Delicious and forget about it all? Any help is much appreciated.

P.S. I saw a link to a Python script, but have no idea how to run Python or do anything with it.

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Might be worth asking directly - there's a support e-mail at the bottom of the howto page, or you could tweet @Pinboard. Dude is fairly responsive.
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Yeah, contact Maciej via Twitter or email. He'll fix it up for you. (my import from Delicious a couple of years ago didn't have this problem, so it is either a change in the Delicious export format, or a bug on the import script)
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Thirding contacting Maciej; you might even just tweet him a link to this question. He tweeted back almost immediately when I asked him about a brief site outage the other day.
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