What ideally would a "juicing" produce box contain?
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You like to juice! Say you were to purchase a box of seasonal produce to juice for the week, what proportion of greens/fruit/veggies would you want this box to contain?

Give me all of the adivice/opinions. I can find recipes on the internet for individual juices, but I'm not sure how to piece it together for, say, a box that would yield 12 oz juice per day for a week.
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Best answer: I'm more on the green juice side, so I'd say my veggies to fruit ratio is
3:2. I juice pretty much everyday (often two juices a day) and this is what my "staple" shopping looks like:

4 Celery Hearts

2 Cucumbers OR 2 Bunches Romaine

2 Bags/bunches dark leafy green

6 Lemons

6 Apples or Pears

Melon of some kind

Leafy herbs like mint and parsley

2 enormous knobs of ginger (ginger goes in everything!)

My main juice is Natalia Rose's Green Lemonade. I peel my lemon though! This is what I drink every morning.

Sometimes things are very cheap at the green grocer and I pick up beets, oranges, grapefruits, cucumbers, Pineapple, etc. But the above is what I buy pretty much every week for juicing purposes. Often, not everything is in season at the same time, except in summer when there is an abundance. I hope this helps!
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Best answer: My juice box looks pretty much like Katine's. There's usually also something fun like extra oranges or pineapple or pomegranate. We lean green with our juices too.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the advice!
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Best answer: I am boring in my juicing habits, so I would want this imaginary box to be:
50% carrots
20% oranges
30% green leafy things
a little knob of ginger.

That would do me for my carrot & ginger, orange & ginger, carrot, orange & ginger, and green leafy thing, orange & ginger combos that make up 99% of my juicing.

I guess I might get a variety of random fruits for 10% of the box as well (so, downgrade the other percentages appropriately) so that I could be a little bit experimental sometimes.

Oh, okay, and in watermelon season I'd probably want a watermelon too.
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My juice fridge is something like this:

25% carrots
25% beetroot
15% celery
15% mix of oranges and pears
15% melon mix (rockmelon first, watermelon second)
5% mix of ginger, lemon, parsley, strawberries, tomatos, grapes
very occasionally pineapple and apples (im just not a huge fan of these in juice).

I wouldn't mix the above altogether, usually do carrot, beetroot, celery, ginger sometimes with watermelon OR predominantly a rockmelon juice (cantaloupes) ginger, pears and strawberry. Fresh chilled rockmelon juice is amazing.
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This isn't exactly an answer to your question, but I see two mentions of buying both oranges and carrots, but neither mention the best juice of ALL TIME: orange-carrot juice. It has changed my life.
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