Want to use nice new sunglasses more often than a fancy parlor room
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I can't believe I'm using a question on this but please school me on something very basic, again. For the first time as an adult, I own sunglasses that did not come from the drugstore and cost $12. Not very expensive, but expensive enough, especially for me, if you know what I mean. (And medically necessary.) I'm too cheap to even want to think about having to replace these in the next few years.

They came with a gigantic hardshell case perfect for travel. But what do people do when you take them off at a restaurant, party, store, planetarium, etc? I don't carry a purse. (The case I have is such a tank that it wouldn't fit well into my existing clutches and laptop bags, etc.) I don't wear button downs with front pockets I can dangle them out of like a boss (and my dad in the 70s and 80s). I don't want to not use them because I'm flummoxed about having to carry around this gigantic case, particularly with some upcoming travel in areas where I absolutely need to be wearing them.
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I have prescription sunglasses, so they were expensive (for me). I do carry a case around in a purse, but I transfer purses and sometimes forget to transfer the case so when that happens, I either dangle them out of my shirt collar at the collarbone (no pocket required, one leg down the inside of the shirt and the rest outside the shirt) or perch them on top of my head. I also occasionally will hang them off my purse/put them on top of something else I can't leave without.
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Get one of those microfiber bags a put that in your bag. It doesn't provide any impact protection but is that really a problem?
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Get thee unto a lanyard. Or just put them in your shirt collar.
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If the case they are in is too big for a pocket, and you aren't comfortable just letting them dangle from your collar or something (neither am I) then your options are limited. Either get a smaller case, start carrying a purse/bag, or leave them behind. I'm a student so I have a bag most of the time and that's where my sunglasses go. Or sometimes I'll stuff them (case and all) in a jacket pocket if I'm wearing a jacket.

You might look into getting a softshell case or just a bag, though. Most of the time you're not going to be doing things that risk actually crushing your glasses, right? Scratching is really the main worry. Get a little soft drawstring bag and keep 'em in there. That'll make them a bit more portable.
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I do the exact same things as above. My first choice when caseless is to stick one arm (of the glasses, not myself) into my shirt collar, then push them closed. However, there's some kind of a fabric/neckline sweet spot. Some collars just won't hold my glasses securely. So then I resort to sliding them up onto my head, which sometimes results in smudging and sometimes results in a frantic search for my shades before I suddenly remember, OH. You could always get those granny tether things and wear them around your neck.
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Slim cases are available. Ask your optometrist if s/he can give you one. Mine has a ton of cases in the back room that his patients are allowed to choose from.
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You can wear a chain or some sort of non-irritating necklace and hook them in that when you're not wearing them. Or get an eye glass leash, so that they're always around your neck. Or get a much smaller purse, which seems easier to me.
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I always just put my sunglasses up on my head when I'm not using them (for brief periods).

Would a collapsible case help? You could keep it in your bag when you aren't wearing the glasses, not sure how much time your sunglasses will be spending in the case.
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As a lifelong shortsighted person and eyewear snob, my specs are either on my face or in a hard shell case. Wearing them on your head or tucked in your shirt is not advisable unless you want to loose or damage them, and I'm not sure I'd recommend a soft case either. If you don't want to carry a purse, your best options are to attach them to yourself on a chain or strap (still very risky) or source a wearable case you can attach to a belt or a bag. I've seen some nice ones on Etsy.
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My sunglasses are pushed back on my head when they're not in front of my eyes. They've got a curvy wraparound design that makes them awkward to hook folded into my shirt collar or anything else. So far, no damage, and I've had them for about 2.5 years.
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I push them up on the top of my head out the way. The only problem comes if you use a lot of hair product as you have to clean it off the lenses.
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On your head! Also, in situations where there's no other good solution, I vote in-the-bag-unprotected, rather than left somewhere.

Also, for me at least, finding a larger bag you like is part of taking care of stuff like this.
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My sunglasses are prescription because I wear glasses in general, so when I take my shades off they go into the hard case, trading places with the non-shaded glasses that I have to swap them for.

As I have been told (admonished!) by folks at the eye center, "If you want to keep your glasses in decent condition, there are only TWO places for them: on your face, or in their case. Period."
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Have you looked online for alternate cases that might work for you? There are countless versions available at all prices. Stores like Target sell them, too. You might look for one that you can clip on your bag.
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Get a smaller case. This isn't rocket science. A case made out of neoprene (wet suit material) will protect them and fit into a small bag.
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I keep my prescription sunglasses in a hard case. Sounds like you worry you might lose/forget that precious case? Me too. I have contact info in there in case my glasses get mislaid. Sometimes that's a business card wedged into the side of the case, though sometimes I've just written "please return these prescription lenses" and my phone number on the lining in Sharpie.
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I like to delude myself that storing them on top of my head makes me look a tiny bit taller. Also I have never yet misplaced my head, which is something I can't say for all previous cases I've tried to use.
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I wear glasses and have an additional pair of prescription sunglasses. I also rarely carry a purse, and use pockets to carry around the few things I need with me when I leave the house.

I leave the house wearing sunglasses, and have the regular glasses on my shirt collar with one leg down the shirt and also tucked into my bra band between my breasts. This keeps the glasses anchored very well so they don't fall if I bend over. Then when I go indoors I swap out the glasses and sunglasses. Works well for me.
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I don't carry a purse. I do have wraparound-style Rx sunglasses with a huge case. Many times I just wear them on my head, but if I'll be out past sundown, that looks dumb. To keep my $$$ sunglasses safe I will sometimes carry a tote or backpack, just so I have that case. But once you have that tote, you can carry some water or a camera in there too, pretty handy when traveling.
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I generally wear sun glasses on my nose or on top of my head. I never use the case they came in, only a soft one to carry them round in my bag. Never broke a pair doing that nor scratched them. But then I am the sort of person who takes her laptop and dumps it in the normal shoulder bag without protective anything. Note that my assorted glasses, sun glasses, electrical items have so far survived years of abuse of this kind.
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