Identify this awesome coat!
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In Montreal for vacation. Saw man on subway wearing an awesome winter coat. He had a shaved head, and his coat looked a bit monastic. It was long (down below his knee) and a bit baggy at the bottom, very warm looking, almost as if he were wearing an old-fashioned sleeping bag. Also distinctive, it had a very high collar, almost to the top of his ears, all around. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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It's possible you saw a Quebec designer's coat, which tend to be made in small quantities and would be hard to identify without a photo.

Plugging some French words into Google I found this French coat which answers your description. Is that along the right lines or are we talking something looser, more like a mod's parka?
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There's also this...
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Sounds like a "Duster" coat to me. Here is a link to one website picked simply as an example Or this one might be a better example

Caveat: I have no fashion sense so this could be way off.
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Was it a Eskimo Inuit FELTED WOOL PARKA Anorak Coat Fur Hood?

Related to the Jams Bay Comany Coat, sold by Hudsons Bay?

Native folk sometimes wear coats like that, except more of a short-zipper anorak made from waterproof nylon as an outer layer.
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It would probably help a lot if you could give some, any, kind of description of the fabric.
It would't help me, but others might then be able to help you.
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Did it have a partial zipper like an anorak? Did it open to the lower hem?

Applied embroidered trim?

Fur trim around the hood?
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Was it a frock coat with button collar- kind of like this?
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Anything like these (1), (2)?

They're from the movie Pact des Loups and I've been looking for something like those for forever, without success.
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Could it have been a women's coat? Their are various quilted down coats like this for women. I'm pretty sure a skinny dude could fit in this.

At the other end of the scale, there are very elegant men's coats like this one from All Saints, which have high collars. I think they have previously done longer versions, but it seems that below-knee is currently out of fashion. A shame, because I find walking around in a longer wool coat to be like wearing a blanket. Toasty!
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