Decent garden center south of Pittsburgh?
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I'm going to help my brother install a raised bed and some fruit trees/bushes in a couple of weeks. We're probably going to be putting in some raspberries/blackberries, blueberries, and maybe a few fruit trees. I do not want to purchase diseased/generic junk at a big box. Is there a decent garden center in the West Newton area? Bonus points for tipping me off to somebody who can deliver a yard or three of garden soil/compost. Many thanks!
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Well, I grew up in the south of Pittsburgh, but not quite in West Newton (that's a bit east for my knowledge but...)

I buy all of my plantings from Bedners. They look to be about an hour north west from your brother, but since I drive 30 minutes south from the city, I obviously think they're worth it. Downside, they're not open until April (versus your "couple of weeks.")

Growing up, we'd always shop at the Hot House. I have not been there in years, so I'm mentioning it purely for the geography. (And proximity to the Spring House. If you have a spare minute go there for the chocolate milk. Seriously.)

Others of potential mention, Trax Farms, and Simmons Farm. Both have the potential to lean more "farm market" than "greenhouse" but I want to give you as many suggestions as possible. I'm sure there are other options - I'm just not sure how well represented that county is here on MeFi (and even then, I'm on the wrong side of the river for you). Good luck!
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remember to hard landscape in some supports for netting or your fruit will be bird fodder....
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Thank you for the couple of leads!

As far as netting goes, I'm not nearly as worried about the birds as I am deer! Western PA is crawling with 'em.
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