Are you amazing at Acrobat Forms? Please help me calculate something!
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I'm stumped: A client has a form that evaluates employees, and there's a rating system of 1 through 4 and then the option to say that the question is N/A. I'm all set with adding up the total score based on the rating chosen. However, the client asked if I could add up, separately, how many times "N/A" is selected. I don't know how to tell Acrobat to do that, though it seems so easy.

Adobe Acrobat Wizards of Metafilter, please help me figure this out so that I can go pick up flowers for my sweetheart before she gets home and impress the hell out of my client, as well. I've googled, read the help files and consulted with colleagues and no one has any idea how to do this.

As far as I can tell, I need to calculate it with a simplified field notation or a custom calculation script. I'm really not sure how to do that. So far I've made the drop down menu give "NA" an export value of "1", but I don't know how to tell it to add up just that selection and ignore anytime the values 1–4 are picked, and now my total score is messed up from giving "N/A" a value. I've tried puzzling out the simplified field notation but it's gibberish to me, it's been a loooong time since I've done anything like this now that I'm almost entirely a print designer, though I have made a lot of PDF forms in the past.

I have a workaround, I can remove "N/A" as an option on the drop down menu and then place a checkbox next to every question that can be checked if the answer is N/A, then having Acrobat calculate how many times it's checked. That's okay, I guess, but it's making the form super complicated and ugly to boot, since there's a lot of different fields to enter already.
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I would give it a value of zero and then use =COUNTIF(range, 0) to tally them.
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I still can't get that to work despite getting my Excel genius friend to give me some pointers. But thank you for at least giving me a place to start!
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