What was this "Game"?
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When I was in college in the mid-90s, I had a "game" (broadly defined) for my Macintosh Quadra 650 (aw yiss!) that was labeled ITA Choco. Here's what seems to be a site by the creators (partially in Japanese, partially in 404 errors). What was the point of it? And what does the site say?

The game was sort of like an early predecessor to QWOP, in that you controlled the limbs of (maybe) a woman, and there was a little garden gnome bopping about. By moving her arms, you could make the gnome climb on your shoulders or head. The woman may have been sitting at a table with a cup of coffee on it. The game was essentially black and white, with a painterly look to it, much like the home page image on the site I linked to.

I can't remember getting it to do anything in particular. I'd move her arms, and the gnome would bop about. And then I'd get bored and play Blobbo or Snood.

Does anyone else remember this game, or know what I was supposed to be doing? I do actually still have a copy of it on a backup disc, but I can't play it on my Mac Pro.
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I do actually still have a copy of it on a backup disc, but I can't play it on my Mac Pro.

You could possibly run it using the Mac 68k emulator Basilisk II. Here are links to a version compiled for OS X. It has been tested with Mountain Lion and seems to work fine. Here is a setup guide.
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I found this page (Google translate version) that mentions a game rejoicing under the brilliantly translated title of "Twice to three times the wonderful lunch" by an iTA-Choco Systems. It says the game was released for the Mac in 1994. Could this be it?

It looks like this game was recently re-released on iOS, too.
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Maybe you could ask on The Mac Garden, where most Mac abandonware goes?

That's my Basilisk II build! Yay!
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I would translate "Kinou Atta yatu wa…"
as "As for the guy I met yesterday, …"
or perhaps "The guy I met yesterday…"

You probably know better than I the meaning/significance of "Three hands Three heads Three hearts."

Chocolate is usually shortened to "choko" (or choco) in Japanese, but apparently a sake cup can also be called a choko.

As for the "Big Project" link, I certainly can't say for sure, and perhaps someone more fluent than I can chime in, but at a glance, it seems that the producer of the game is hoping to make use of the 'retro game boom' and is trying to sell the rights to somebody who might reprogram (is that a word?) the games for OS X or Windows.
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