Why can't I charge my GoPro with a portable charger?
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I have an imaxpower IMP880 portable charger. I would like to use it to power my GoPro Hero 2, but it doesn't work. The output on the device claims 5V/0.6A. Does the charge not output enough power? Should I simply look for a device that outputs 1A?
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Are you using the original cable?
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I am just using a plan USB cable. Why would that matter?
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In my experience, devices will only charge reliably if the amp rating is as high on the charger you are using as it was on the original charger that was intended for the device. Thus, if your Go Pro had a 1A charger, the 0.6A charger is probably not going to cut it.

That's a general rule. However, I have found that in the case of say, my tablet, which uses a 2A charger, I can very slowly put some life back into the battery with an 0.6A charger, so long as it wasn't entirely dead to begin with. If it's already at 0%, it only ever comes back to life when using a 2A charger.
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