Is this conference high-value/legit?
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I supervise an administrative team of four people at my workplace, and one of my goals as a supervisor is to foster professional development in my employees, so I'm encouraging all of them to find learning opportunities, trainings, conferences that are relevant to either their current positions or where they'd like to go in their career. One of my staff has asked if the National Seminars Training Conference for Women would qualify. I'm a big fan of feminist-oriented networking, but looking at this, I worry that it's a lot of talk without anything particularly concrete. Does anyone know more about this conference in particular or National Seminars Training more broadly that might help me get some insight into the quality of this?
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I don't know anything about them other than the website. I was surprised that they don't have any testimonials online, though. They have 10 closed complaints with the Better Business Bureau; those might help you decide whether the organization is worthwhile. Or you could call them and ask to be put in touch with a recent customer to whom you could talk.
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You know, for $149, that's a pretty decent agenda.

It's mostly sitting in a hotel ballroom for the day and getting to listen to some speakers.

I've spent more money on worse things.

Most actual professional development seminars are much more expensive. Something like Project Management Professional training is about $2,500 plus the cost of the exam. It's going to cost me $500 to learn Access.

Exactly what is it you thought they'd find? What kinds of experiences did you have in mind? I think that if you want a higher calibre of training that you might want to provide your staff with some options.
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Yes, the conference is inexpensive, but this will also be a day away from the office, which might be worth more than the conference fee itself.

I attended a similar conference (as a sponsor) a few months ago. The topics covered were basically the same. It was much more about personal development than professional development. Are any of the speakers relevant to your business?

(I also find many of the topics terribly anti-feminist, but YMMV.)
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