Hotel in Portland - Walkable, Not Too Expensive, Near Powell's Bookstore
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Looking for a place to stay in Portland on a weeknight near fun destinations like Powell's.

I'll be driving so need parking. Not very familiar with the area - the main destination I want to get to is Powell's bookstore.

Also interested in good food and sightseeing suggestions. I'll have an evening and a morning free. Hopefully all of this could be done by walking from my lodging so as to better see the city.
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The Ace is nice and a couple blocks from Powell's and other walkable stuff.
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Response by poster: *Forgot to mention! It doesn't have to be rock bottom cheap but I don't really want to spend $200-300 if avoidable. Is there good stuff for around $100 as in other cities?
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The Ace is good (and really really close), but not sure if they have a deal in the area for off-street parking. Another option is the Inn at Northrup Station, which is about 20 blocks NW of Powell's, but directly on the Streetcar line.
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You could stay near the Lloyd Center and take the streetcar right to Powell's. That's right across the river and wouldn't be a far walk, either. Otherwise, try the Mark Spencer. Most hotels near Powell's will be pricey.
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Seconding Ace. It's in your price range, and there aren't a lot of acceptable options near Powell's that are. Also, it's a pretty cool place to be. The attached restaurant/bar -- Clyde Commons -- is excellent.
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The Mark Spencer.
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Stayed at the Mark Spencer in July. It's right across from the Ace, and we liked it. I think we paid $150ish? Maybe more with the dog. That included a limited breakfast selection, and an in-suite kitchen.
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The Crystal Hotel is super close to Powell's (as in, it's 2 blocks away) and fun/funky. It's about $150 for a room with a bathroom, but rooms with "European Style" bathrooms down the hall can be had for cheaper. The soaking pool in the basement is the biggest selling point for me. There are plenty of parking garages in the vicinity to keep your car overnight.
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Hotel Deluxe is in your price range (assuming $150ish is the range) and is about a 10-15 minute walk from Powell's.
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Love the Mark Spencer.
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nthing the Ace. Fits all your criteria except the parking. They might have a solution for that though. They're pretty inexpensive, but really comfortable. Their lobby is the only lobby I've ever just hung out in for a while.
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The Ace is pretty amazing, my wife and I stayed there and it is the only hotel I ever wanted to just hang out at the hotel instead of going out to explore. They even have bikes to loan out which is a great way to see the city.
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You could stay near the Lloyd Center and take the streetcar right to Powell's.

This is my recommendation, for economy. Many motels just west of Lloyd Center, very close to the MAX stop. More character (but more expensive) in town, of course.
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If you're a publishing nerd, be sure to check out Reading Frenzy (predominantly local books/zines) and Countermedia (comics, art books, and kink) across the street from Powell's. And don't spend all your time downtown! My recommendations for the city.
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If possible, I would avoid staying in Lloyd Center. There's nothing wrong with the area, but it's like saying you want to go on a cruise so you set up a tent on the dock instead of booking a room on the ship. Lloyd Center isn't bad and it puts you in easy mass transit range of downtown, but if you stay someplace like the Mark Spencer, Crystal Hotel or the Ace, you'll have so much at your feet. Powell's will be just a few short blocks away. Want to grab a drink? How about an amazing microbrew? If you're downtown or in the Pearl District, you'll have more options at your footsteps than you'll have time to discover in a short trip here.

If you stay in Lloyd Center, you can drive over to Powell's. If you stay nearby, you can walk over to Powell's. Once you get there, you'll probably realize it's worth more than just one quick trip.

Stay downtown (or in the Pearl). You'll be glad you did.
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I stayed at the Northwest Portland Hostel in a private room in January. The bathroom was next door and shared with a few other rooms so that might be a problem for you but otherwise pretty standard basic hotel room for $50 a night. Good walkable area, close to public transit and about ten blocks from Powell's. I know there was parking available but I'm not sure of the details because I didn't have a car with me.
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My husband and I stayed in the Northwest Portland Hostel as well. It was about a half hour walk to Powells. We highly recommend taking one of the Portland food tours.
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I'm a big fan of the Inn @ Northrup, linked in the first response. It's not far from where you want to be, but it is *just* far enough away that you'd probably want to take the Streetcar per the suggestion. I've stayed there twice and want to say we paid below $150 a night. Also, free parking!
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Response by poster: Ended up staying at the Hotel Monaco on Washington St. The rate was $179.

Decided to spend a little more which is why I didn't take up anyone's suggestions even though the Ace looked quite promising.

It was quite close to Powell's and also to a delicious food-truck lot. I can also recommend going to the Pittock Mansion.
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