Need a good Science experiment for a Kindergarten class....
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Tomorrow is our day as Mystery Scientist in my son's kindergarten class. My husband is going, he planned the experiment, bought the stuff and just informed me that it doesn't work.....Arrrrgh!!!

We need something cool for 5 year olds, easy to do, supplies we can get tonight.... 14 kids....we'd like a Valentine's theme, but at this point, anything easy and neat will do.....and we've googled to death....just wanted to see if someone had something cool and tried and true. The mentos thing and the volcano and the tornado things have all been done. Not worried about cost.... Thanks!!
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The Glowing Pickle, if you can be assured that the kids won't try to eat the pickle while it's glowing.
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Best answer: Milk, food colouring and soap is pretty cool. YouTube. Think I first learned about this somewhere here on MeFi.
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Elephant toothpaste?
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Oobleck. Bonus if he brings in a speaker.
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Oobleck is always a hit, if a little messy.
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Make slime - 1 cup of white glue with 1 cup of water - add food coloring.

In separate container, 1 cup of warm water and 1 teaspoon of borax (21 mule team in laundry aisle).

Add borax mixture to glue/water mixture - mix with hands and get slime - it's awesome.

You can google it for better recipe.
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For Valentine's Day you could also do stuff with the heart - have them find their pulse, count beats while you time out 15/20 seconds, do some jumping up & down and measure again, etc.
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cornstarch + water
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You can put the shine on some pennies.

You may also have luck searching with the terms "kitchen science".
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cornstarch + water?
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hydrophobic sand
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color changing red cabbage juice - simple pH tester, kids can try testing different liquids to see if they are acid or base.
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Here are some previous questions that you might find helpful.

I've found that stained glass from glue (link goes to my previous comment) is reliably good with kindergarteners and very easy to prep, or you can do the milk version mentioned by valleys above. Slime is similarly a simple winner!
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Pinterest is usually my go-to for creative kid-activity ideas. Googling " kindergarten science" turns up a ton of boards like this one, (just the first in the list, nothing special) where people have collected interesting-looking ideas for science lessons. You might have a look 'round some of those pinboards and see if anything looks fun.

(My favorites from the linked board: frozen bubbles that break like glass; wrapping kids in toilet paper to see what it's like for a caterpillar to break out of a cocoon; learning how sound is made)
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Baking soda + vinegar + bottle + funnel + balloon = much better than a volcano.

The best part is when you take the balloon off the bottle and it shoots across the room like a rocket.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!!! He ended up doing the original find (conversation hearts in carbonated water) and the milk, soap, food coloring thing as a back up. They were thrilled.....most importantly, baby boy was thrilled!! His Dad did the best one EVER...and gave everyone candy!!

Appreciate the help....
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