What program should I use to create an image map?
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I need to learn to make interactive image maps. I know HTML and Photoshop, but I've never used a pagemaking program before. What one should I learn? Thanks!
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Is there a budget you need to work within?

Dreamweaver does image maps very easily. Of course it does magnitudes of other stuff as well. Maybe you can get an older version if you don't need the latest bells and whistles.
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I like EvrSoft's 1stPage3. Bonus: Free and quite powerful.
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Creating an image map is a simple, simple thing and you can simply pop the map into the HTML code of any page. You can create one online for free; there are tons of free image map generators.

On the other hand, image maps are largely antiquated now so unless the image you're mapping is actually a map, there are probably better technologies to execute whatever idea you're trying to achieve.
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I used to use Fireworks for this but nowadays using CSS is more common.
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