Jazz recommendations please!
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Lately, I can't get enough of the sound of McCoy Tyner's piano from the recordings he did with that great Coltrane quartet. I'm wearing those grooves thin. What else should I be listening to?

Assume that I'm pretty familiar with the stuff JC & Tyner recorded together. I'm also moving through Tyner's own catalog right now. So recommendations for maybe lesser-known albums where Tyner plays as a sideman, or more contemporary albums where the pianist is influenced by Tyner are warmly welcomed.
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Tyner is a sideman on the following, all classics:

Wayne Shorter: "JuJu"
Hank Mobley: "Straight No Filter"
Grant Green: "Matador"

As you're probably seeing, he has a deep catalog as a leader - "Extensions" is the one that I end up playing the most.
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A Jazz Message by the Art Blakey Quartet
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Chick Corea's Now He Sings, Now He Sobs is basically an album-length rumination on McCoy Tyner's brand of quartal harmony. Chick has a very different textural sense and a sunnier disposition, but the influence is evident and even aside from all that I think it's one of the best trio records ever recorded.
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invitapriore -- I do really like that Corea album, though I've never made the connection to Tyner until now. You're definitely thinking about this the right way, though!
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Tyner collaborated several times with Joe Henderson; In 'N Out is particularly enjoyable. Elvin Jones also appears on some of these recordings, giving them an even stronger Coltrane vibe.
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Most of these I already know, but they are good recommendations, keeping with what I'm looking for. So I'll mark them as best, for anyone referring to this thread later. And I'll be checking out the Blakey record real soon.
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