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Simple question: What's the best Vanilla ice cream available in New York City?

Pretty much just what it says on the tin. I'm looking to build a desert with a chocolate cake (my wife's recipe, fantastic), some peanutty frosting, and a layer of really really good, beany vanilla ice cream. Just wondering about people's preferences for the best vanilla. Don't care if its a brand or a shop, as long as I can buy at least a couple of quarts of it.
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There are probably some local ice cream shops in New York that are amazing but I find it hard to imagine a simple vanilla ice cream better than Haagen-Dasz. It's natural, no guar gum or carageenan or other nonsense in it. It's got a good density and texture. It's not pumped full of a lot of air. It's hard to beat.

Edit PS: it's also plentiful and easy to find.
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Ample Hills in Brooklyn (Prospect Heights) makes their own stuff that's pretty amazing. I usually go for crazy flavors but I bet their Vanilla Bean is dope.
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Ample Hills is damn good. I also like Blue Marble, which is similarly Brooklyn Based. Interestingly enough, it looks on the website like maybe they're packaging their stuff for sale in grocery stores in addition to their ice cream parlors and other mom & pop ice cream shops around the city.

Another good idea is Van Leuwen, though they're more famous for their crazy flavors like basil and rosewater. I'm sure their vanilla is also good, but it might not be the best.
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Alden's Vanilla Bean. You can get it at Whole Foods and a bunch of other places. The container is 1.5 quarts. Here's how it's made.
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Ronnybrook (based in the Hudson Valley) makes my absolute favorite vanilla in NYC.
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The best ice cream is the one you make yourself. If you are going to make the cake why not make the ice?
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Ronnybrook farms makes the most amazing dairy products ever. I love their whole milk in a glass bottle. I've never had their ice cream (I need to find a place that sells it first out in the burbs), but I'd guess it's the best thing ever. If you cannot find this, then Häagen-Dazs. Frankly, I don't eat any other brand of ice cream.
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I lean to the Ben and Jerry's. But for some reason their vanilla is sometimes hard to find.
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I just saw an article that Whole Foods new brand of vanilla (which I've had and was delicious) beat out the Haagen-Daaz (which is also delicious) in a taste test.

Not exactly your question, but to 2nd Infernarl -- $40 ice cream maker and you can make the best vanilla ice cream ever.
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I like Ronnybrook a lot, too. But the vanilla (and all the other flavors) at Grom are just amazing. Not like eating vanilla ice cream, really, but more like eating pure vanilla, and it being somehow ice-creamy. I don't know how else to put it. This is also true for their pistachio...
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I have an Ice Cream maker, and would totally make it myself, but I unfortunately have no idea when I'd find the time between now and when I'm making the damned thing. Plus, I'm kind of lazy and would rather throw money at it than work any harder than I already am.
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I really like Shake Shack's vanilla custard - maybe the soft serve aspect would be an asset in this situation?

Or seconding Grom, which is more intensely vanilla tasting.
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Van Leeuwen is great.
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I am pretty sure that you can find Jeni's in NYC at Whole Foods stores and probably at any store fancier than that.

It's seriously just the most delightful and wonderful ice cream I've ever had (and I've had a LOT), even and perhaps especially their basic vanilla/chocolate options. Get some Buckeye State while you're at it, and you won't be the least bit sorry.
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