Camping and hiking in Ely
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What's there to do in the area around Ely, MN, that doesn't involve paddling?

My wife and I want to go camping in northern Minnesota next weekend. Afraid of going to the well too many times with the north shore, we're thinking of trying the Ely area (we've been to the town once, but didn't camp). I generally hear of Ely as a canoeing hotspot, but we're looking to stay on land. I'm hoping to get recommendations for places to camp and hike near Ely (say, within 30 miles).
posted by COBRA! to Travel & Transportation around Ely, MN (4 answers total) 1 user marked this as a favorite is a pretty good reference of events/activities/lodging, etc.
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if you get sealegs, there's always the international wolf center in ely.
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Mapquest places this at, literally, 30.17 miles from Ely so it falls several hundred feet outside of your range, but Fortune Bay Casino is somewhat near Ely.

Golf and Gambling, if you get tired of camping.
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Response by poster: Thanks for all of the suggestions.

unixrat, the name on your user page sounds awfully familar. Were you at the U of MN Morris in the mid-90s, by chance?
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