RV Rental?
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Partyfilter: RV for use as a dressing room and toilet facilities...

An October wedding will be held outdoors in a spot with one bathroom. There will be 45 people there. No rental toilets are permitted. Does it make sense to rent an RV for its toilet and dressing space?

How much do they cost? How complicated is it to deal with filling up & emptying the water and the sewage storage, (respectively)? Is this a really bad idea? Any suggestions?

And on another subject, does anyone have any recommendations on renting a very discreet generator? We want to have a stereo but no generators are allowed.
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Are the toilet trailers allowed. They are like an RV except have none of the kitchen/living/sleeping room, only toilets.

Have you thought about batteries?
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Response by poster: I hadn't thought about one of those trailers, but it looks like they all require either a generator or a place to plug in.

I have considered batteries, but I'm not sure how to use them for a regular (not portable) stereo.
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If you get an RV, that would cover your stereo powering needs, as well.

Sani-dumping an RV isn't that hard but it's kind of unpleasant, not something you'd want to do on your wedding day. And an RV bathroom isn't meant to hold the waste of 45 people. I expect that if all of them went to the washroom in it even once, you'd run out of sani space.
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In terms of 'generator', perhaps one of those portable solar batter deals? They advertise them all the time up here in Canada, so I imagine they exist down south, as well.
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Response by poster: jacquilynne, I'll look into the solar idea. Do you have to have sun, do you know? Or will fog do?

Thanks for the RV sewage capacity reminder.
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This is the sort of thing I had in mind in terms of solar generator. It hooks up to the battery thing and keeps the battery charged while the battery actually powers your electronics from what I can tell. It says it'll work in low light, and if you had the battery fully charged in advance, you'd probably get enough power over time to keep it from running out if all you're hooking up to it is a stereo.

I've never used these things, mind you, they just occurred to me based on the terrible, terrible Canadian Tire guy commercials that we see for them all the time, so I don't really know how well they work. They just seem like they might do what you need.
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Battery to stereo!
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Response by poster: Pollomacho, that is very cool. Thanks.

Anyone have any idea how long a car battery would power a stereo and two biggish speakers (without running a car the whole time)?
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