So pretty! But do they actually work?
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Friends are in the beginning process of thinking about a kitchen remodel, and are wondering if anyone has good or bad things to say about the stoves, fridges, or dishwashers from The Big Chill.

Consumer Reports doesn't seem to have reviewed these yet, and my friends haven't found a ton of objective-looking reviews online. They love the look of these, but since they really do like to cook would be very sad if they got them only to find they don't really work. They're considering this stove, probably this model fridge, and I don't know which dishwasher. Any advice appreciated.
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Their FAQ has this item:
Who makes the internal components of your Big Chill appliances?
We use big name components with our appliances. Give us a call for the details.

So perhaps they can contact Big Chill to see who actually makes the guts of the appliances they're interested in. I did find out in this thread that a the Big Chill refrigerator is based on a Whirlpool ET1FTEXSQ.
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Yes, what zsazsa said. Most if not all of the appliances they do are stock from large manufacturers put in a customized shell. So the two questions are a) what is the performance and reliability of the functional mechanical and electronic parts, and b) are those compromised by the design elements?

There is a store near my house that sells these and they look interesting as I pass the windows, but have never checked them out to see how sturdily they're made.
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They're probably contractually prohibited from saying in marketing materials who makes their appliance guts, but like they say, they'll probably tell you if you call and ask. I'm sure they can give you an equivalent model number for whatever units these are based on.
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These are also vintage-look and the company, Elmira Stove Works, has a very long and good track record. I checked them out, but did not buy them. Pretty nice!
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