Take-out / Foodcart tacos in Chula Vista?
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We're staying in Chula Vista for a month. Please suggest a good Mexican style take-out for lunch?
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When I visited a friend nearby, we visited Tacos el Gordo - cheap and great, as I recall.
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not reallllly a take-out but quite fast and fairly unique, in spite of the andrew zimmern ads posted all over the page: goat specialist aqui es texcoco

tacos el gordo is great, too.
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It's in Barrio Logan, which is a bit to the north of Chula Vista, but Las Cuatro Milpas is renowned and usually has a line out the door. Porkyland is also nearby and is OK.

Seriously though, you're going to have an embarrassment of riches, and if you're here for a month, you can come close to trying a different place every day for lunch without repeating while never leaving the Chula Vista city limits. There will probably be 10 different taco shops between any two locations of Taco Bell and Chipotle. I'm sure there are some Mexican food trucks around, but there are so many taco shops in town there's not much need for them, and I've never actually seen one.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody. Going to try El Gordo today. Its just a few blocks from here.
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While my tastes run to Sonoran/Arizona Mexican food, I find that the further south you go in California, the better the tacos.

You can't go wrong if you wander into any taqueria and there's lingua on the menu. (Bonus points if they have a beer and wine license and can sell you a Dos Equis.)

Taste everything twice, and experiment around. You'll find the places you like.
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You'll do fine. Just don't be afraid to try places out, even hole-in-the-wall type places that don't look as polished as a standard fast-food joint.

Most places around San Diego will have a bewildering variety of things on their menu, with like, 10 different kinds of taco or burrito, a bunch of enchiladas, tortas, and then a whole array of specials or combos that generally come with a side of rice and beans. Be aware that burritos here generally do not follow the San Francisco model with rice on the inside, and there's generally an assumption that if you're going to put salsa in a burrito, you'll probably unwrap it partially yourself and do so. Quite a few burrito types will just include whatever ingredient is listed on the menu, plus guacamole, but their menu may have options for "extras" that you can have added to it. A local thing that I haven't really seen outside of San Diego is the California burrito, which does not include guac, but has carne asada, cheese, pico de gallo, and french fries - basically a cheeseburger and fries wrapped up in a tortilla.
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I can't belive no one has mentioned Roberto's yet.

Also, Mariscos El Prieto Taco Truck for fish tacos.
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Response by poster: Went to El Gordo today. I thought it was great. Wife didn't like it. There were no left-overs.

Where would I find Mariscos El Prieto?
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