Hand Washing Sports Jersey's
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Looking for a better alternative to cleaning jerseys in a washing machine.


I have many sports jerseys (mostly NFL, hockey and soccer), that I wear somewhat regularly. I wear the NFL and hockey ones "casually" (when watching games on the weekends, etc), however, I have 5 or 6 soccer jerseys that I wear while working out (running, at the gym, etc), as they offer moisture wicking abilities, etc.

I used to wash all of my jerseys in the washing machine (inside out, on delicate cycle, hang to dry, etc), but lately I have been noticing that some of the letters and crests of the non-stitched numbers or crests are starting to peel off. This has got me thinking that I probably should hand wash.

Any suggestions for the best way to hand wash a jersey? Tips, techniques, detergent, etc?

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If you use cold water in the wash that will usually keep colors fast and everything from peeling. I also use lingerie bags for sweaters and delicates.

I only hand wash my bras.
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Best answer: Turn them inside out, put each one in its own lingerie bag, and wash on cold with detergent and Oxiclean.
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My son washes his fencing lame in the sink, cold water with Woolite.
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Buy a fancy-ass washing machine that has a 'handwash' cycle on it, like mine. (Just kidding: unhelpful answer. But I bloody LOVE my washing machine.)

Definitely wash in cold water and use less detergent. Use about half what it says on the box. Both these things will create less wear-and-tear on your clothes.

I buy a liquid detergent called Radiant Black Wash, which I use not only for my black clothes, but for my favourite stuff that I want to keep looking nice. It doesn't contain whatever it is in regular detergents that gradually fades blacks and colours.
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I've found that Oxi-Clean can fade colors.

If you're having trouble with trapped odors (synthetics can be bad for that) hit your local hunting store or Wal-Mart hunting section and pick up some scent-removing detergent. It's designed for hunters who don't want to tip off Bambi with BO and it works great for de-stinking gym clothes.
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I've found that Oxi-Clean can fade colors

Sorry; I should have articulated that link of mine points to Oxiclean Darks and Colors, which is formulated not to fade colors.
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Best answer: How often are you washing them, and exactly what are they made of? Most man made fibers really hold on to bad smells, regardless of all that "moisture wicking" hoo ha. How often do you wear them? You might just want to get something like Under Armour for working out in.

For most of my sports, I try to wear (or have to wear) cotton or wool. When I get into polyesters I have to wash those immediately. Natural fibers can get a couple of wears before they smell, and they survive the washer much better. Always on the cold cycle, and always hung to dry. I also use a dehumidifier so they dry faster.

For handwashing my sports stuff, I usually go for warm/tepid water, and Dr. Bronner's or a knock-off. I occasionally experiment with sports washing detergent, but spot treating with vinegar, and/or pouring vinegar in the wash seems to work best.
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