Two professionals working together; who do I tip?
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Getting a photo shoot that is a package deal; photographer has let me know that I should be ready to pay her and the makeup/hairstylist separately. Do I tip the stylist?

I am having a pin-up shoot done tomorrow; it's a package deal booked through the photographer and hair and makeup are included. The photographer has let me know that if I want to pay by check, I should be prepared to write separate checks to her and the stylist. Now I feel like it's a tipping dilemma. It has never occurred to me to tip a photographer for an in-studio session, and if it were set up so that I paid the whole fee to her, it probably wouldn't have occurred to me to add a tip. But I do normally tip a hairstylist, and since I now know that I'm paying the stylist directly, it seems in keeping with that practice to tip her. But in that case, it seems odd not to tip the photographer, especially since she'll be providing some minor pieces for my costume from her stock.

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I would probably tip both. I normally tip hairdressers, and I would feel awkward over tipping one and not the other (unless one did a great job and the other sucked out loud).
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It has always been my understanding (and given the recent tipping thing here, I'd love to be corrected if I'm wrong) that when someone is working for themselves as a free agent, you don't tip.

Stylist working at a salon renting a spot? You tip.
Stylist is the salon owner? Tipping unnecessary.
Stylist working as the sole stylist setting a predetermined price for services? Tipping unnecessary.

I'd say you've got the last of the 3 here and that it wouldn't be necessary to tip.
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I agree with phunniemee; these are independent professionals who set their own prices, a tip is not expected. The only exception might be for landscaping or dogwalking where they do something for you on a regular basis; a year-end tip is somewhat traditional. A one-off service? No.
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None of my clients have ever tipped the hair, makeup or wardrobe stylists that I'm aware of.
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No tipping of either as they are independent professionals setting their own pricing.
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No tipping necessary, and tbh it would be a bit awkward. Send them a gift or bonus after the fact if you're especially delighted with the photos, otherwise leave it.
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Thanks very much, folks. I really felt unsure.
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I only tip my stylist (a salon owner) if I see her at Christmas time. And that's mostly because we're very friendly and she does stuff like taking away from family time to do my hair for stuff like a last-minute job interview.
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