Sarcastic, clever characters in recent films (2000-2013)
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Looking for sarcastic, clever, witty characters like Winona Ryder's in "Beetlejuice" or "Heathers", or Parker Posey's in "Kicking and Screaming"* (the Noah Baumbach film, not the one with Will Ferrell), films made around 2000-2013. Ideally there will be YouTube clips for the best scenes.

* The scene where Parker Posey's characters and one other make fun of the patrons a club is exactly the idea I'm looking for.
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Ghost World
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"Juno" is one that leaps to mind - quite a witty turn by Ellen Page.
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Val Kilmer in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (actually don't watch that trailer, it kind of spoils one of the best scenes. Trust me, it's a good movie)
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Mean Girls is a treasure trove for this.
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Fat Amy made Pitch Perfect for me
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Seth Green's Ezekiel in the tragically underrated low comedy Sex Drive (note: last 5 seconds of the clip are NSFW).
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Absolutely seconding Ghost World.
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Emma Stone in Easy A.
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Brad Pitt in Fight Club?

Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting is possibly in your range or possibly too early for you.
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Thanks, all.
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Albert in Twin Peaks.
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